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Looking For A Clan


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Hey, I'm a picky person, so instead of scouring each clan thread, I thought I'd just lay out what I'm looking for and have clans reach out to me, so with out further adieu, my demands are as follows:


-Have room for me, and my 3 friends (4 total)

-Have a cool emblem

-Be composed of at least 50% active players


My other non-mandatory demands:


-Clean chat, little profanity/name calling

-People that are involved in the community through the forums


The reason I'm doing this is because while me and my friends have a [really] small clan with an awesome emblem, there just isn't enough active players, so I find myself pubbing a lot. I want a tightly knit community that gets along and doesn't need to drop the 'f' word every 3 seconds to get their point across. The reason being that the clan I'm joining have an awesome emblem is simply because we spent a lot of work on our awesome emblem, so I don't want to leave it for a sub par emblem.


NOTE: Please don't ask me to join unless you read the whole thing.


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