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Warframe Team Combinations? Just Curious


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I've been thinking for awhile about the most interesting or overpowered combinations, would be cool to hear about other's opinion but these are something I've thought of (with no thoughts about the energy, shields & HP)



Damage Buff Team

Nova - Molecular Prime (approx. 200% dmg intake)

Banshee - Power Maxed Sonar (approx. 1149% dmg intake)

Rhino - Power Maxed Roar (dmg boost approx. 114.5%)

Ash/Loki - Smokescreen/ Invisible Red Critical Damage


and lets say full team of rifle amps (27% * 4 = 81%)



Style Combination (Burning Snow Globe)

Frost - Snow Globe

Ember - Fire Blast/World On Fire

Optional Vauban/Mag - Vortex/Pull

Optional 2 Loki - Radial Disarm



Style Combination 2 (Mid Air Pinning)

Rhino - Stomp

Excalibur - Slash Dash/ Radial Javelin



Style Combination 3 (Painful Poison/Burning)

Nova - Molecular Prime (approx. 200% dmg intake)

Banshee - Power Maxed Sonar (approx. 1149% dmg intake)

Rhino - Power Maxed Roar (dmg boost approx. 114.5%)

Saryn/Ember  - Miasma/World on Fire


Style Combination 4 (Artificial Sun)

Vauban - Vortex

Ember - Fire Blast/World on Fire



I apologize if this may be silly to serious players but well games are meant to be fun thats why I made this post

I look forward to cool combinations though :D

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I've seen the burning snow globe on Xini, and it works.


If you want a 2 part saga:


2 rhino

2 nova/mag


Its the most unimpressive, no style, no frills, steamrolling I've ever witnessed. But we cleared Tier 3 Exterminate below 10 minutes (add some more time to find secrets). We giggled a bit after how quickly we managed.


Obviously weapons and mod builds came into play here, but the combination of CC damage and resilience made us feel like a hurricane through that tower.

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Me and friends/clanmates have used this setup for hi-lvl wave farming prior to vauban nerf. Pretty common setup. I guess, it's still viable.

Nova (molecular prime for damage increase),

Banshee (sonar, for MP explosion damage increase and enemies being shown on the minimap) or Rhino (Roar for damage increase),

Saryn (spores or her poison AoE, as a MP chain explosion initiator on high level mobs, can be switched for something else, like trinity or rhino),

Vauban (just to bunch mobs together with a Vortex);


/For infected survival farming switch out saryn and/or vauban for trinity (that invuln can save lives/revives if the trinity player pays attention to team health bars). And for experienced loki with radial disarm,  if going to be playing survival vs. grineer or corpus for over 35 minutes. Nekro can also be helpful, with his nice maraud skill. Guess, for survival only nova is mandatory.



For easymode Lephantis:

Rhino (stuns the "heads" in open, damageable state with his stomp, buffs damage with Roar),

Nova (buffs damage + slows the boss),

Trinity (energyvamps the head + casts invulnerability, for "poison diving" and reviving).

Banshee's sonar or Mag's bullet attractor aren't helpful, due to the random crit spot placement of the first skill and glitchy placement of the second.

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This combo leads to Massive Damage amp and CC expecially when used in conjunction with one another in this order.


Me and some friends did this and wiped an entire wave of level 200 Corpus.


Rhino charges in as they all spawn. Stomps the enemies in the air.

The rest of the team moves in and gets ready for the stomp to end.

Mag begins to pull stragglers into the group as Nyx takes aggro with Absorb.
Rhino Roars and Nova shoots her Anti-matter drop at Nyx, the rest of the team pumping damage into the drop.

Mag Crushes everyone to hold them still as Nyx's ult comes to a close.

The Drop hits Nyx right before the explosion, and Nova Marks everyone with Molecular Prime.


Absorb goes boom with Roar Still up and being hit by the 400% Roared bullet damage of the drop, and then Anti-matter prime keeping them from running away when crush ends and adding some extra damage.


Everything gets killed for somewhere in the Ten-twenty thousands of damage.


It's beautiful.

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Reviving this topic, infested resource farming setup.

2 Necros with infested impedance auras (2 auras seems to be the "sweet spot", greatly reducing the run and attack speed on infested), flux rifles and desecrate spam builds (includes range, ability cheapening corrupted mods + is healthpool based (rage and equilibrium. I'm considering polarising 3 of his skill slots, just to make him my farming frame. Have extra Nekro in my foundry anyways.). With 2 infested impedance auras alone the farming's already is ridiculously easy. Can skip ability range in your build if you run close with your teammate or if you bring a vortex build Vauban with you (then you can have rifle amps on the nekros), for even more profit/ more comfortable mat farming.


+ Props to the quad Jesus formation guy. =) They died for our sins.

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