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Tenno Style Question - Select Facial Feature

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I know the rules state no faces on warframes and eyes and eyebrows are out on their designs.

Does this also extend all facial features, mouth, or jaws, or ears? If so, is there allowance if the feature resembles a human version of it, like a seam on a warframe helmet that looks like a grinning mouth, but is not a functional a mouth in the model?

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Facial features are allowed as long as it isn't explicit. You have to be subtle in your design, so that it only hints to those features. Take xaku for example. The eyes on the helmet aren't really eyes, but just holes that shows the inner glowing skeleton. Eyes however are more forgiving since both grendel and mirage has them too. But if you are making something that resembles a mouth, jaw or nose, you have to be extra careful.

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