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Ember Tips



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Currently, Ember is only useful vs low level enemies and infested. If you want her to shine -- max out Fire Blast and World on Fire, Power Strengh and Efficiency mods and go to infested defense. 


However I'd recommend you to wait for armor 2.0 and upcoming Ember changes...

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she takes a ridiculous amount of forma and mods and junk to get her up to supershinyawesome status.

at that point she's basically: is overheat on? yes? supertankywoo. no? push 2.

and maybe the occasional fireblast if you have extra energy and mod space for it.


alternatively, for the less shiny and boring:

drop fireblasts in areas that enemies have to move though to get at you/theobjective/etc. keep overheat on anytime something might think about attacking you (because you're squishier than nova without it. for reals.)

fireblast's ring ignores armour, and grineer trash dance pretty much all day if they touch it. infested can be kited around the circle.


works best in infested or grineer mobo(either galleons or asteroid) & def(grineer galleons, infested wherever) and infested survival


fireball is garbage and WoF is trash outside of very low level junk.


and don't bother using her against corpus. moas don't dance.

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Continuity and Constitution mods will make Overheat and Fire Blast last 51 seconds. Add Streamline and Phoenix Helmet if you have it. Focus will benefit Overheat's damage reduction and Fire Blast's damage. Fire Blast isn't affected by armor but it does pretty low damage to non-Infested.


With a Reactor you could add Redirection and Flow if  you so desire. Her armor is too low to benefit Vitality and Steel Fiber.


With Ember focus on Infested since that's where she'll see real usage. Fire Blast chokepoints and use Overheat often.

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Unpotatoed with mo corrupted mods, stay out of anything other than low level infested.

But, if you have potatoed and have some corrupted mods ember can still do good damage even now. I play her in two styles:

1. Blind rage, stretch, focus, streamline, continuity, constitution (might be missing one). Use overheat to mitigate damage, WoF to kill things at range and use the odd fireblast on doorways.

2. Narrow minded, fleeting expertise, blind rage, streamline, focus, continuity, constitution. Overheat on all the time, spam fireblast all the time.

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