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Sold My Frost Prime Blueprint By Mistake


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last time i filed one, took 6 weeks for it to be reviewed. once reviewed though, it was resolved within a day or two.

i'd suggest a few void runs tbh. easier and overall more beneficial imho.

Really lol?

I sold a Nekros Bp (The one costing me 100k, and I said it was no big deal if they couldnt get it in a few days, and I got my Nekros Bp back in less than 12 hours...

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dang lol lucky SOB :P

well, in fairness, it has been a while now since my ticket in question (was from the grineer informer event) so they've likely added some staff there.

if ticket response is any better at all since then, go for a ticket.

i was just suggesting void since it's only T1 and by the time OP would get the BP, they'd likely have a forma by then (bonus for the FP) as well as the credits and drops like CM :D

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