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Survivals Got My Head Rolling....


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It doesn't matter how big is a clan because only 4 people can do something at once.


What if we could have an event or maybe a mission type, later in the evolution of the game, that makes TWO teams of tenno work together in a survival  type mission.


So one team does something that involves hacking and other things while the other team takes the role of the bait in a survival type mission and at the end both teams get extracted, or the mission bocomes more interesting, but this is not the topic now.


This would be a good reason for one team to load up for stealth play. So the hacking team would encounter much less enemies but they would be forced to not be detected. The ocasional enemy that sees semething would have to be silenced as soon as posible, before he can call for help.


The tenno that are in survival mode would be conditioned by the other teams progress, so they would only receive an extraction after the first team finishes the quest. The hacking team would also be conditioned by the surviving team's ability to keep life support levels up.


This would be a job for a mximum of 8 players. (Split from the start in TWO teams) *EDIT* 


The reward would be given to all 8 tenno involved depending on the tier and maybe some other quantification.

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