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So, What's Your Absolute Favourite Game Of All Time?


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That one game that holds an especially deep place in your heart. The game that, no matter what, you will always be able to go back to.


For me, it's Final Fantasy X.

That game is miles ahead of any other game I've played.

The storyline is (by a huge margin) the greatest one I have experienced in any video game/movie/TV series/book/anything.


I know there's people out there that will definitely disagree with me. But, as it stands, FFX is unmatched for me.


I've played through it 100% about 5 times, rushed it twice. And, with the HD remaster coming out (hopefully) soon, I think I'll definitely be doubling that.


Runner up:

Unreal Tournament.

Ah, my childhood in a nutshell.


I don't think there will ever be an FPS that I love as much as UT.

No matter how much S#&$ is going down the drain in terms of FPS these days, I'll always be able to jump back into UT.


So, what's your favourite game/s of all time?

(Yes, I know this thread has been done before, so don't chew me out for it)

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Metroid. All of them, that even includes Other M. I played these games from start to finish more times than I can count, and no matter what I enjoy them.


I love the characters, I love the game play, I love the music, I love the bosses. No matter what, for me, the Metroid series will always be my favorite.

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Mine was also, Final Fanfasy, But growing up as a child, i can't go past Harvest Moon. I spent ages, years even, and when it came out on GB i was into it, bad.

Final Fantasy VII will always be my most played, even though i've haven't even gotten remotely close to defeating ruby weapon, and i still can't do it now. I'll get there. :P

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