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Mesa's Peacemakers (4) - Extremely effective DPS, but fundamentally flawed and not fun

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En 7/9/2020 a las 19:25, DeLawrence dijo:

they are so boring to use


En 7/9/2020 a las 19:25, DeLawrence dijo:

Why not have the Peacemakers be exalted moddable revolvers

Because exalted weapons are so original. What's the difference between Exalted Peacemakers and dual revolver secondaries? You are sacrificing a skill slot for a third weapon. Doesn't matter if they are very strong.

If the problem is that peacmaker is OP, then balance it. if it's a problem the fact that they resemble more a machine gun than revolvers, change how they behave with Fire Rate so players can choose between high or low rate of fire. But don't change what doesn't need to be changed.
And before even talking about balancing Peacemaker, we need to talk about the state of the game, and how balance is all over the place.

If the problem is something so subjective as "it's not fun", then don't use her.

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While I admit the idea of having a pair of hand cannons that clear in a small cone and have huge punch through sounds particularly cool and something i'd engage with I wouldn't force that upon Mesa.  Mesa is vary not engaging yes.  But I don't think that's a problem.  I personally run her augment that lets her walk in her 4 because of the extra interactions.  At the same time it's VERY satisfying to literally draw your guns and hose bullets down range onto a single target and just watch them evaporate.

I'd absolutely support a push for another gun slinging type frame that plays markedly different than Mesa to serve as a contrast.  Think how Protea is a more aggressive and supportive version of Vauban.  This other frame could be more of an agility/dexterity based gun master that relies on dirty tactics and what not.  Mesa would exist as a bullet hose DPS monster that hunkers down and can defend.

New frame would be mobile bursty style user that offers more to gameplay than just clearing adds.

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