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Update 6.4 Hotfixes

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Community News:

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Our first Dev Q&A video was a hit, so we’re taking it one step further: LIVESTREAM DEV Q&A!

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Update 6.4 Hotfixes


"Dagger Axe" skins added to the Market for Scindo and Dual Zoren.


FOV slider added to display options.


Player must now login to the launcher to receive updates, going from launcher to game logs player in automatically.

Enemies affected by freeze damage mods will now have an effect applied to their model.

AI death from freeze damage now causes them to shatter.

Options menu tabs now have a roll over effect when highlighted.

Lex balancing (less recoil, slightly higher fire rate)


Fix for frozen enemies messing with Defense wave counters.

Restorative items now use the proper effects.

Fixed a case where players could consume their last weapon in a slot for a blueprint.

Temporary invulnerability added to beginning of bleedout to prevent near instant bleedout timer.

Client logs will not be spammed when playing a Grineer Asteroid level.

Fixed an issue with co-op doors and dead spectating players.

Fixed several problems with aggregated stat views.

Dying on an elevator no longer causes body to fall through elevator.

Fix for being stuck in place for several seconds after a skipped cinematic.

Fixed taking damage during a cinematic.

Fixed freeze damage actually speeding up some AI animations.

Fix for Bullet Attractor attach position not always looking great.

Fix for enemies running away during tutorial/dojo tests.

Fix for text not appearing on the upgrade screen when language is set to Chinese.

Fix for gear names overlapping prices.

Fixed an issue with clan chat messages sometimes not showing up.

New clan members now update their clan status upon accepting a clan invite.

Gravity is now disabled during Bladestorm preventing player from falling after each strike.

Fixed Infestation boss being in wrong boss room.

Roll can now interrupt a reload.

Pressing V no longer causes the player to roll.

Ammo pickups are shared for all players in a match.

Fix for certain AI showing as a target on the minimap in Exterminate missions.

Fixed security camera death effect position.

Fix for multiple damage immunity effects occurring at the same time causing various issues.

Fixed fullscreen setting not saving if player used Alt+Enter without saving display options after.

Fix for host migration causing pickups to disappear.

Fix for Crush and Overload animations continuing after being knocked down.

Likely fix for resolution changes not being saved for some users

Fixed an issue for certain Grineer Asteroid level layouts not spawning enemies until reaching the end


Thanks for all the new updates, Tenno Operatives!


fixed squad sizes getting capped at 3 players instead of 4

restored default color palette back to original colors

fixed obnoxiously loud ricochet sounds

removed unwanted background sound effect attached to Nyx

fixed gore effects not appearing for some players

fixed Chaos, Absorb, and Avalanche animations repeating if player was knocked down while casting

fixed flashlights not working in some Infestation levels

Hot-Hot-Hotfix (3:25 PM EST Feb 23)

Saturated Color Picker Added for on sale 1 Credit (Limited Time Only)!

Auto Strict-NAT Network Tool will only display at start-up.

Users behind same Strict-NAT can once again play together!

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I actually like the alternative models... not sure the Scindo realy fits, but the i guess i'll dress up my Zorens like that. The 'stick with daggers' look kinda fits the fast, low damage weapon... at least for me it seems like a perfect fit. For the Scindo i'd rather have a vinking helmet to go with it, and an emote where i raise it above my head while a metal solo gets blasted through the speakers... but i'm drifting off-topic.

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Hello, Rebecca.

Which heavy melee would you recommend?

I'm currently using Fragor (Told to be the best for every faction) but that skin looks sick, so I'm trying to craft Scindo but I don't want to have both and because I'm also running out of space and can't waste money to buy more slots.

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Dagger... Axes?


That is awesome beyond compare

I logged in and saw the little color palate icon for all the weapons. I have to say i'm very happy with what you have chosen to do for weapon cosmetics.

Edited by Zerroth
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Not really a fan of the new models...they seem twiggy and not really what the original items were. Scindo was an axe...now it's just a twig. Just my opinion though but the old models are far more fitting.

I am happy about the Overload and Crush effects though...really got tired of being knocked down over and over again and watching the animation more than once without it doing anything heh.

And the cinematics fixes....YES!

Can you switch skins back and forth or is this permanent?

Cause i would love to use the big old axe for the heavy frames and the more refined skin for my smaller frames.

I would guess they made it like the Warframe Helmets, where you can select which one to use on the Warframe. Just how I would picture it though.

Edited by Maeka
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Fix for host migration causing pickups to disappear.

Hopefully this will fix the disappearing mods/materials issue.

Fix for Crush and Overload animations continuing after being knocked down.

WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!?!?!?! YES!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! *takes off shirt and runs around neighborhood*

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