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Don't Waste Your Good Art! Make Redundant Weapons Into Skins!


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Let's face it: Independent of their effectiveness, most of the weapons are downright gorgeous. I see a lot of people trying to choose between the aesthetics of a weapon they want and its generally lackluster stats. And since they don't perform well, nobody buys them.  


So  instead of simply throwing them in the bin, why not make them skins for more popular weapons? It works perfectly well with the Manticore, Brokk, and Dagger Axes. It's not necessary to give every new weapon model its own set of samey stats and struggle to give it its own advantages and disadvantages beyond "It's a sword. Like that other one, but this one is shiny." 


Some weapon skins are just cosmetic. Manticore makes Scindo hit harder, but swing slower. And that's all there is to it. That formula will work, and quell the grumbles of redundancy in the marketplace.

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yap give skana some skins lols. naaaa 


hes right though that after those 1h swords is so annoying skana dark sword pangoline heat ether blah the difference between is so needless they could be skins though that long ago as i lvled those reall may bring more skins maybe some you could drop as blueprint if you dont want more cash shop skins but indeed would be awsome cause hqave 60 same meele weapons or primary or second with only a other look and need again to lvled up and builded is really annoying :/

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