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Finally finished my floof collection

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I've been at it since the conservation effort was a thing, love them it makes me feel accomplished at something else then "i have all weapons and mr and arcanes and mid maxed" blerg... i'm a slow go player, but i've been here for a while, and these type of collectibles are what drives me more in this game, like the lore items you need to scan on the maps, that's really fun for me. 






I wish they would optimize the decorations in the liset so i can pile more decorations without it actually affecting my fps. I also wish there would be more trivia and more decorations lore wise that we could actually farm for and unlock. Hope you guys like! Btw what do you guys think?

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Thx Chewarette for the tip <3
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4 minutes ago, Chewarette said:

If you enlarge your pic and right click "copy image adress", you can directly put it in the post and it will show the picture. It should be a link like this instead https://i.imgur.com/xRPt9wH.jpeg

Really sweet collection and well displayed. :satisfied:

Tyvm for the tip! I'm used to just copy the bbcode and post it in other forums, and it used to work, but this way its just faster :) 

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