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Heavy Caliber...


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I dont realy like it on Ogris.. i dont even know where this rockets will hit.. sometimes even i aim a little higher one rocekets explode around me ;/


I understand that this mod should give some cons, but accuracy is the only statistic in which the player does not affect .. if the gun does not have the accuracy is fairly high, unfortunately this mod but destroys everything around. Player is not possible to compensate for the loss in accuracy that this mod adds, it is not able to do so as it can be done with odżutem or reload speed.

I should think that the DEVs on slightly modified this mod. -55% Accuracy at a maximum level of this mod is too drastic move, the more the player is not possible to relieve or reduce the negative status.

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already happening






I like it on the Ogris


Must be some weird preferences you have, if you like it to spread like a watering can.


I absolutely dislike the uncontrollable deviation.

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