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Hitting a low hanging Gravid Blastema with a fishing spear causes you to get stuck in place

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(I will refer Gravid Blastema as "GB"): 
I created the bug by simply finding low hanging GB and then shooting it, the low hanging GB will not break because its to low to the ground so the ground impact wont break it. Then from there I equipped one of the Cambion Drift fishing spears and then threw it at the GB while holding the aim button (for me it was right click). Not holding the aim button will not create the bug.
Low hanging GB : Image
Non broken GB : Image
Video: My Reddit Post

  • Orb Vallis fishing spears do not create this bug, when these two rods are used on a low hanging GB it will cause the GB to launch into the air and then break. 
  • Plains of Eidolon fishing spears act just like the Orb vallis fishing spears. They cause the GB to launch into the air and dont cause the player to get stuck in place.
  • The Cambion Drift fishing spears are the ones that cause this bug. I have tried both spears on low hanging GB and they both created the bug.
  • This bug can happen anywhere in the Cambion Drift just as long as you hit a low hanging GB and it doesnt break via ground impact
  • Once this bug occurs you are unable to move and unable to use the gear wheel. only buttons that work is escape (esc) and open chat box (T)
  • Some options to "fix" this bug is to die, invite a friend to your session and then have then leave to the Necralisk or just abort mission
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Added some more details about the bug
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I had it happen when shooting a ghost of a glassed enemy and made a post about that. So there seem to be more ways to trigger it.

Anyway, as a way to get out of it until it's fixed, set yourself to invite only if you were heading out solo. Since you can't pause out there anyway, it won't affect your play. If you get stuck, invite a friend to your game and have them go extract to the Necralisk. Also if you are killed, it will unstick you.

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I shot a harpoon into a Gravid Blastema that fell to the ground and didn't break, and I got stuck.

The only valid controls are the ESC key, MAP key, and Mouse Right Button.
After returning home, I went back to try again, and it happened again.

I did a Google search and found that this has been confirmed since August.
I'm not sure if the developer is aware of this.

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