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Acrid Build With Elementals



Does the DoT stack with all elemental mods no matter which faction you face? So using heated charge on the acrid vs grinder is a good thing? Wouldn't a bane mod be better? Also wouldn't convulsion only do better damage vs corpus not grineer or infested? Again bane mods, trick mag as substitutes because the elemental types would be null vs those factions?

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The Acrid leaves a stackable damage-over-time (DoT) effect, which ticks 4 times over 4 seconds.deals 75% of the original damage as Poison Damage (base damage and each mod is separately multiplied by 75% prior to body part multipliers, rounded down, and can never be <1).

So if I understand this correctly. Each elemental mod such as heated charged would be treated as posion damage?

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A to Q1:

Yes, the DoT ticks are stronger with elements added and like Playur said, It's in the wiki, but if you are not sure, try it out. Fire a round and see.


A to Q2:

Bane/Expel mods get added to the base i think and that is also used in the DoT ticks so yeah it's a good thing to go with bane/expel as well as having Hornet Strike first.


A to Q3:

http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Enemy_Damage_Type_Multipliers for your Faction weaknesses, DoT ticks hit the body core and are like MOA headshots Try to add Freeze damage for Corpus as well to tear down shields faster.


A to Q4

Personally,by the time players get into "end-game" levels and missions, Mods for the Acrid's base damage(Hornet Strike. Bane/Expel), multi-shot(Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent), elementals(all or personal taste per faction or all for Corrupteds maybe)will probably be higher in priority, so ammo clip/count mods stuns and crits mods is currently not so important (crit chance is 2.5% so personally out of the question). A MUTATION mod however is fine incase of lack of pistol ammo pickups left by opponents.


I hope that cleared some stuff up for you  :D

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