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Groupies Of Badass Explosions Who Can Voice Chat Together!


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So why not gather a bunch of groupies who have skype or something?

Preferably skype lets say,

And gather us all together to have one big warframe group where we can all chat and chill out an stuff, i dont know where im going with this, but if youve read down this far then im assuming you give somewhat of a damn about it :P


So lets see here, if you have a mic and you enjoy warframe, it would be fun to chat away with friends at the same time riight? Thats another thing, its probably just me, but usually i solo missions because usually people who communicate are rare to find.


As a group It will be highly important to be friendly with one another, we are all mature gentlemen and ladies here, so lets do out best to act that way :D




Anyway ill stop rambling, you get what i mean, so if you are interested somehow then either pm me on the forums or simply add me on skype or steam

  • Skype: maxxy michell 
  • Steam: MaxxyTacibana




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