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Mastery rank test 19

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1 hour ago, madplays said:

DE tell me this, why da heck did ya think making abilities prevented in the test for mr 19 it's just dumb and annoying.

i want to get that mastery rank done but can't cause no uno abilities and ik it's possible but it's annoying without

Passives work. Use a Banshee with a ranged melee and just take your time, and stay out of sight.

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Keep calm, look and strike when the enemies are not looking at you. Use the enemy-radar mod.

You don't know where to start? Try it like me (freshly uploaded just for you):


vor 12 Stunden schrieb (PS4)Kakurine2:

Assuming the ai are not buggy like the mr 9 test and can see you instantly.

Use a banshee with a gunblade stay on the starting pillar. Crouch and snipe the ai with your gunblade slowly.


Only way i could do it.

I already asked for evidence in an other thread about the Mr.9-test for your speculations and until now you never showed even once the bugged AI.

And let's not forget that you said that you did it with banshee (no passive invisibility ability) which further proofs that the enemies aren't bugged...

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