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So,  I've been testing the small changes for Xaku and so far they seem decent but they are clearly not enough, here are a couple of suggestions:

Passive & Void Damage: it's not stellar and an % chance to cause "x" is a terrible concept  for an Passive, on top of that Void damage still needs to have the Bullet Attractor removed.

Here is how I am changing the Passive: Enveloped in Void Energy, Xaku redirects damage into Void Damage, affected enemies also suffer 50% vulnerability to Void Status effects and reduced action speed. 

Void Status Effect: Void itself also now grants a 50% Vulnerability to any non-void damage that the target takes.

Here is how I am changing Xata's Whipser: Xata Whipser is now an "Tap/Hold" power, Tapping the power Wield Void damage for all attacks from equipped weapons when activated. Holding the power now Discharges Gaze.

Here is how I am changing Grasp of Lohk: Grasp of Lohk Turret Range is boosted, however each enemy hit is suspended in aerial stasis for 8 seconds.

Here is how I am changing The Lost: The lost is no longer a Cycle through power, it now is a single power called "Void Storm"

Void Storm: Xaku manifests a Void fissure distorting reality,enemies within the storm become corrupted by Void energy and Applies many different debuffs to the targets, including status effects. When killed the storm is transferred into Xaku granting him an high  energy regen. 

(The effects include all Status Effects and their respected damage, however only 2 can be applied at once. Note: It will always proc a Status effect that hasn't already being used, if all has been used, it wil reset)

The Vast Untime will not be changed

Note: The lost will always be a useless power and will always be replaced by something stronger, to prevent this, change it

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10 hours ago, RazerXPrime said:

Except Nyx affects 6 enemies, not one. but most people think Nyx is trash and have never played her so they have no idea how she actually works so I'm not surprised.

I know how Nyx works, and she’s trash. If Helminth subsumed Psychic Bolts from her there would be no reason to ever use Nyx.

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Edit : Somehow information on abilities ( next to ability images ) and icons are not visible on Forum's Light Theme. I couldn't fix it without ruining them for both themes, better to use Dark one for full visibility.

All implemented changes are welcome but Xaku and Void damage need more attention.

I want Xaku to be a powerful frame with unique kit, please consider these ideas ( from Xaku Feedback Thread ) below for upcoming phase / phases, edited them according to Phase 1 changes.  @[DE]Danielle

  • First of all, remove infested turd from Xata's Whisper ability and give it more eldritch looking visual fx.
    • Hearing whispers from Void while ability is active would be cool too.
  • Secondly, change the sound fx of Void Replica shots, its seriously headache inducing.


  • Void damage ignores armor & shield and deals bonus damage to sentient type enemies.
  • Void Status drives enemies crazy and makes them attack each other like it was stated in Zariman lore.
  • Xaku's base stats are increased.
  • Xaku has a new passive and given an additional passive based on Fass & Vome.
  • All of Xaku's abilities are tied to Void Requiems.
  • Xaku is given synergies between all abilities.
  • Xata's Whisper, gives increased bonus Void damage ( also buffs rest of their abilities ), reveals enemies and be able to damage Eidolon & Ropalolyst ( has a damage cap ).
  • Grasp of Lohk disarm and shooting range are increased.
  • The Lost ability is reworked entirely ( because of 2 useless sub-abilities and long cast times ) to The Hollow Ones, an ability that creates specters of 3 fallen frames to assist Xaku.
  • The Vast Untime creates a time distruption to slow projectiles and enemies within its radius ( can still be used for container breaker :D ).

Void Damage Changes ;

  • Has no negative modifiers and no positives either.
  • Ignores armor and shield yet it can be reduced by damage reduction of some enemies ( such as Ancient Healers, Distruptors, Treasurers, Noxes and Juggernauts ).
  • Deals 50% bonus damage against sentient type enemies ( regardless of their health / armor types ) and resets their resistances.

Damage numbers of Void abilities and their scaling can be reduced and tweaked to prevent Xaku from being overpowered.

Status Effect Changes ;

Had to swap some of status procs to make Void status changes.


Void status effect does what is stated in Zariman lore, drives everyone crazy and causes them to kill each other. 

  • Void Status Effect - Madness ;
    • On Enemy : Attacks any closest enemy and will be attacked in return while dealing 100% additional damage to allied units for 12 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs increasing damage by 50% to a total of 550%.

Bullet attractor bubble is an addition to Magnetic status.

  • Magnetic Status Effect - Distrupt ;
    • On Enemy : Creates a 2.5 meter radius field which attracts projectiles and amplifies damage dealt to shields by 100% and nullifies shield regeneration for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs increasing damage to shields by 25% to a total of 325%.
      • Attractor bubble is affected by energy colour.

Radiation weakens enemies as it messes up with their constitution.

  • Radiation Status Effect - Weaken ;
    • On Enemy: Reduces any damage dealt by 30% for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs reducing damage by 5% to a total of 75%.
    • On Player: Reduces any damage dealt to 30% for 6 seconds.

Puncture does what it should actually do, puncture people.

  • Puncture Status Effect - Punchthrough ;
    • On Enemy : Adds a 5% chance to cause 1.5 meters punch through on enemies for 6 sec. Stacks up to 10 times, total of 50% chance.
    • On Player: No effect.


Xaku Base Stats changes ;
97   --> 123 Health
89   --> 117 Shields
137 --> 141 Armor
153 --> 189 Energy
1.02 --> 1.03 Sprint Speed



Phase Dash : Xaku becomes invulnerable during dash animation.

Serenity of Vome(Order) : Xaku gains 2 energy regen per sec in addition to health regen and movement speed increase while standing in Vome Residue pools.

Ferocity of Fass(Chaos) : Xaku is immune to slow effect of Fass Residue pools and instead gains +15% attack speed and fire rate while standing in it.


Xata'sWhisperModx256 Xata'sWhisper130xWhite
Xata's Whisper
Xaku taps into power of the Xata(Truth), enchants themselves with void energy and reveals their enemies with void sight.
Strength: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% (VoidTearIcon wVoid damage)
Duration: 20 / 30 / 30 / 35 s
Range: 9 / 10 / 12 / 15 m
Misc: 25% (status chance)
Sentient damage resistance reset (upon status proc)

Xaku's weapons and Void related abilities deal +15% / 20% / 25% / 30% bonus Void damage. Enchanted shots have 25% status chance, unaffected by and seperated from weapon status. Xata's Whisper lasts for 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 sec.

  • Xata's Whisper VoidTearIcon wVoid damage is based on a percentage of the total weapon damage.
    • Damage bonus is a separate damage instance, and does not dilute weapon elements.
  • Enchanted shot status chance is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Buff duration is affected by Ability Duration.
  • Enchanted shots can damage Eidolon & Ropalolyst shields but damage is capped at X per shot.

Whispers from Void reveals nearby enemies. Enemies are highlighted and can be seen through terrain, walls and obstacles within 9 / 10 / 12 / 15 meters radius.

  • Enemy reveal radius is affected by Ability Range.
  • Void Sight uses highlight effect of Naramon's Void Hunter ability.

Synergy ; 

  • Xata's Whisper damage buff affects all abilities that deal Void damage.
  • Void Replicas can shoot enemies through obstacles and walls when they are highlighted by Xata's Whisper.
  • All of ability durations are frozen in time while The Vast Untime is active.


GraspofLohkModx256 GraspofLohk130xWhite
Grasp of Lohk
Xaku opens a breach and summon tendrils to disarms enemies and create Void Replicas with power of the Lohk(Void).
Strength: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 (VoidTearIcon w Void scaling damage)
Duration: 5 / 7 / 9 / 12 s
Range: 9 / 10 / 12 / 15 m (grab range)
9 / 10 / 12 / 15 m (firing range)
3 / 4 / 4 / 5 (max disarmed targets) 
Misc: ?/s (fire rate)
25 % (stagger chance on hit)
1.0 x (damage multiplier per 10 enemy level)

Xaku disarms up to 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 enemies within a radius of 8 / 9 / 12 / 15 meters. Disarmed enemies resort to using melee weapons, whilst their ranged weapons transform into Void replicas that hover and follow Xaku for 5 / 7 / 9 / 12 seconds. Void replicas automatically target enemies within direct line of sight and a radius of 8 / 9 / 12 / 15 meters from Xaku, each inflicting 20 / 30 / 40 / 50VoidTearIcon wVoid scaling damage with a 25% chance to stagger their targets. If cast on a weaponless or disarmed enemy, a Void replica of Xaku's primary weapon or a Void entity orb in the absence of a primary, orbits Xaku instead.

  • Damage is affected by Ability Strength and enemy level.
  • Number of Void Replicas is affected by Ability Range and capped at 10.

Old scaling formula ;

Total Void Damage = Void Damage × (1 + Ability Strength) × Enemy Level Multiplier

Enemy Level Multiplier = Enemy Level. The multiplier stacks by 100% for each enemy level.

New scaling formula ;

Total Void Damage = Void Base Damage × (1 + Ability Strength) × Enemy Level Multiplier

Enemy Level Multiplier = ceil(Enemy Level ÷ 10). The multiplier only increases after 1 level past the per-10-levels mark (e.g. levels 11, 21, 31, 41, etc).

Synergy ;

  • Xata's Whisper damage buff affects Void Replicas and grants them status chance.
  • Void Replicas can shoot enemies through obstacles and walls when they are highlighted by Xata's Whisper.
  • All of ability durations are frozen in time while The Vast Untime is active.


TheLostModx256 TheLost130xWhite
The Hollow Ones
Xaku sheds fragments of The Hollow Ones and awakens them as specters with power of the Lohk(Void).
Strength: N/A
Duration: N/A
Range: N/A
Misc: 15% (movement speed bonus)
75% (dodge chance and area damage reduction)


The Hollow Ones and their sub-abilities are inspired from Albrecht Entrati's Vitruvian recordings and translations of Requiem words. I didn't like the idea of discarding fallen frames away as shrapnels with ultimate, so wanted to give them role and purpose in the gameplay as specters.

This change will free Xaku from movement & gameplay interrupting cast times of The Lost sub-abilities and their cycle mechanic. Players will also have an option to keep Skeletal Form or not, independent from The Vast Untime.

Please DE, let Xaku become our first Spectre-mancer by letting him summon specters of his own. I know Wukong ( 1st ability ) and Equinox ( 1st ability - augment ) can do that but their specters can only use weapons ( Wukong's need an augment to cast Celestial Stomp on command ), so Xaku will be special in this case. :)

- Aeon94 -

" United WE stand, divided WE conquer. " - Xaku, Horsemen of the Tenno-calypse.

Xaku seperates into 4 corporeal forms by awakening fragments of 3 fallen frames as Hollows at his side.

  • Tap the ability key to summon Guardian of Jahu(Form), Acolyte of Netra(Decay), and Judicator of Ris(Light).
    • Hollows are invulnerable specters that are summoned until collided with Nullifier Crewman bubbles or Xaku falls out of bound areas.
    • Hollows can't use weapons but can assist Xaku with their abilities while also staying close to Xaku's proximity. They will frequently teleport near Xaku.
    • Hollows can attract enemy attention.
    • When summoned, fragments of Hollows disappear from Xaku's body. 
    • Respective parts of Hollow Specters are highlighted with energy outlines and other parts are shown with dark silhouettes or particle effects. 
      • Hollows inherit Xaku's cosmetics.
  • While active, Xaku can command Hollows to prioritize a target on the aiming reticle by tapping the ability key and leaving a mark above the target ( Lohk Requiem symbol ) for 75 energy. Once commanded, ability cooldowns of Hollows will be reset and they will seek the target to cast their abilities.
  • Hold down the ability key to dispell all Hollows.

Xaku gains +75% evasion, +75% AoE damage reduction and +15% movement speed while his true self is exposed.

  • Evasion, AoE damage reduction and movement speed bonuses are not affected by Ability Strength.
  • Evaded projectiles and bullets are shown with visual effects similar to Baruuk's Elude.

Synergies ;

  • Speed bonus of Xaku's true form is doubled while inside distruption field.
  • Cooldowns of Hollow abilities are halved while inside distruption field.
  • All of ability durations are frozen in time while The Vast Untime is active.
    • This includes effects of Hollow abilities ( aerial stasis, curse and blind durations ).

[White Hollow] - Guardian of Jahu(Form)


Ability Behaviour ;

[Gravity Slam] - Slams the ground and suspends all enemies in aerial stasis within 10 meters for 8 sec. Restores 15% of Xaku's max shields for each affected enemy and grants him Aegis effect which blocks next incoming damage. Casts when enemy is within 5 meters. Has 10 sec cooldown.

  • Shield restore is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Gravity Slam range is affected by Ability Range.
  • Aerial stasis duration is not affected by mods.
  • Cooldown is not affected by mods.

[Grey Hollow] - Acolyte of Netra(Decay)


Ability Behaviour ;

[Embrace of Sorrow] -  Conjures a 10 meters corrupting fissure to curse enemies. Cursed enemies receive 20% more damage and deal 20% less damage for 8 sec. Casts when there are 3+ enemies within 5 meters. Has 10 sec cooldown.

  • Vulnerability and weaken debuffs are affected by Ability Strength.
  • Embrace of Sorrow range is affected by Ability Range.
  • Debuff duration is not affected by mods.
  • Cooldown is not affected by mods.

[Red Hollow] - Judicator of Ris(Light)


Ability Behaviour ;

[Luminous Beam] - Unleashes a ray of piercing light that travels up to 15 meters and deals 500 / 650 / 750 / 1,000 VoidTearIcon wVoid damage to all enemies in its path. Survivors are blinded for 8 sec. Casts when enemy is within 10 meters. Has 10 sec cooldown.

  • Luminous Beam damage is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Luminous Beam range is affected by Ability Range.
  • Blind duration is not affected by mods.
  • Cooldown is not affected by mods.

Synergy ;

  • Xata's Whisper damage buff affects Luminous Beam.
  • Number of Void Replicas acts as a damage multiplier for Luminous beam.

Apologies for my terrible image editing skills but here is the picture of how I imagined Hollow Specters to be ( think of them like Animated Guardian from Path of Exile but with visual effects ) ;




TheVastUntimeModx256 TheVastUntime130xWhite
The Vast Untime
Xaku unleashes a void blast and creates a distruption field at their location with the power of Khra(Time).
Strength: 600 / 800 / 1,000 / 1,200 (VoidTearIcon w Void damage)
15 / 20 / 25 / 30% (slow)
Duration: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 s
Range: 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 m
Misc: 90% (enemy and projectile slow cap)
100% (ability duration pause)

Void blast deals 600 / 800 / 1,000 / 1,200VoidTearIcon wVoid damage, stuns enemies momentarily and creates a distruption field with 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 meters radius that lasts for 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 sec at Xaku's location.

  • Xaku becomes invulnerable and cleanses all status effects while casting this ability.
  • Void blast and stun only affects enemies that are in line of sight.
  • Destructible objects within the blast radius are always damaged regardless of line of sight from Xaku.
  • All enemies and projectiles that pass through the distruption are slowed by 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% ( capped at 90% ).
    • Slow amount is affected by Ability Strength.
    • Blast and distruption radius are affected by Ability Range.
  • The Vast Untime can be deactivated by recasting the ability.

When The Vast Untime cast, Xaku crouches in place then reels back, surges into the air and unleashes an expanding Void energy blast.

  • If  Xaku has any fragments on them, existing fragments visually detach from body and suspended in the air with Void energy tethers for the cast time. Suspended fragments return to Xaku after cast. 
  • If Hollows are active and Xaku's true form is exposed, Xaku just releases Void Blast without any fragment detach animation.

Synergies ; 

  • Xata's Whisper damage buff affects The Vast Untime.
  • Cooldowns of Hollow abilities are halved while inside distruption field.
  • Speed bonus of Xaku's true form is doubled while inside distruption field.
  • All of ability durations are frozen in time while The Vast Untime is active.
    • This includes effects of Hollow abilities ( aerial stasis, curse and blind durations ).
Edited by Aeon94
Added new info + Made some fixes.
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Hello. I don't post too often and am here to tell you that Xaku is fine. For the most part anyway.

I think the only real issue with him is that Grasp of Lohk's weapons target enemies lifted up by Gaze(and apparently also wild animals, according to the thread). It is frustrating and doesn't feel like intended behavior.

Would also be nice if Grasp of Lohk had more targeting range. Just a few more meters. It doesn't necessarily need it, but would feel a bit better with it.

Edited by Sceles
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Grasp of Lohk should either have static unmoddable range or have decent base range with max range cap to prevent map wide targeting. Otherwise it is very awkward to use without at least 200% range on Xaku.

I don't think DE would change The Vast Untime now, so I hope for at least some sort of skin or augment mod to not be forced to see skeleton form 90% of the time instead of original design of Xaku.

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On 2020-09-11 at 1:34 AM, (XB1)TheWayOfWisdom said:

Because as it stands right now, the ability actually has a higher DPS the way it scales, barring some exceptions. Making it use enemy weapons would actually be a downgrade.
Now arguments could be made about effective DPS and whatnot, but I'll leave that alone

2 things bomboard bombs and exergis. Its free CC and damage and aoe damage

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So no one thought it was an issue that people put 6 Forma into a frame? If Xaku needed that much forma, that tells how bad the frame itself is. Its no wander why people used so much forma because Xaku clearly needed them in order to have 1 of their abilities remotely useful. It takes 200% Power Strength just to get 100% armor/shield stripping. 200%...why does it take so much strength just to get the same level of defense stripping as Nyx when she only needs 130% strength? Sure, you could cast Gaze on 2 enemies, and have the aoe overlap, but thats unecessary and a waste of energy. And having range on Accuse means nothing if all the enemies in range arent corrupted, because Power Strength dictates how many enemies are affected. But aparrently these abilites dont need changing...right. Also, the void changes hardly matter. Its just too neutral, while not affecting certain enemies like it should, (assassin bosses, amalgams, which I didnt even know were unaffected). Void is literally dangerous to everyone and everything, and instead, its just a meh damage type in-game, despite it being poisonous & highly dangerous to all in lore. There was a good suggestion to making void actually good, but I guess no one read those, or didnt want to put in the effort. Sorry if I sound negative, but I'm just saying what needs to be said. Not to mention the passive saying 2 different things in this post, implying Xaku has damage reduction to everything, but saying the rocket may or may not pass through. So is it still evasion with aoe damage reduction added, or damage reduction added to all source of damage in general?


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I hate this ability.  I hate that it's 3 abilities in one, I hate the names of the three sub-abilities, I hate the icons they use, I hate that it's the key to Xaku's high level viability.  Now, I get all the requiem references Xaku's carrying and when I say I hate the names, I do like the little nod to the ris mod text, but the names don't mean anything to me when I see them on screen.  I don't get how they relate to the specific effects they correlate to, and the symbols do very little to help explain.



That’s a lot of hate, but you have a point. Xaku’s third ability suffers a bit in the realm of clarity, and while practice has helped me to remember the abilities, I still end up mixing up the titles. Fortunately, that’s easily solvable with naming (this is a bit silly, but bear through it):

      -- Accuse, the ability that opens a void rift that maddens enemies to attack for your side, could have titles like: Accusation of Insanity, Maddening Accusation, Accusing Chaos, Accuse Disloyalty, Goading Accusation, Accusatory Command, The Delirious Accuse. Any of those titles make it click for the player that the ability is meant for enemy disruption.

      --  Gaze, the ability in which Xaku choses and paralyzes up to two opponents, stripping them of resistances and making them beacons of enfeeblement to enemies around them could have titles like: Gazing Horror, Horrifying Gaze, Eldritch Gaze, Baleful Gaze, Gaze into the Abyss, Paralyzing Gaze, Gaze of Doom, Oscitancy Gaze, Gaze of Anguish, The Tormented Gaze. All of those are more or less sufficient for people to understand that it’s a “gaze of the gorgon” type of ability, one that naturally focuses upon single opponents.

      --  Deny, the ability in which the warframe shoots a beam of piercing void that damage enemies and “deny” them existence, could be named: Denial Beam, Ray/Shot/Beam of Denial, Deny Existance/Life, Laser Deny, The Void Denies. Those more or less give the idea to the player that it’s an ability that “shoots” things, and they will use it accordingly.

All three of the abilities except accuse, that does have a good enough icon that shows a circular area, could have some tweaks done to them to heavily signify the meaning. Gaze could be a pair of really scary eyes or even a single wide stylized scared eye, Deny could be a “from left to right” stylized beam icon. I get the icon for Gaze is showing more or less Xaku’s face, and they don’t really have eyes to speak of, but I think that, for the sake of clarity, you can make that artistic adjustment.

Also, other players have suggested, but I think the frame would enjoy a lot if you make the animations for each ability occupy a different tier of body parts used for it. Accuse, the Opening of a rift to the beyond, could be a full body animation, Gaze, the Look into my eyes, ye mortals, and despair be a half up body animation, and Deny, the IMA FIRIN MAH LAZER ability a single arm animation. That would separate the identities of each power further, making them easier to understand and notice.

Accuse is not being strongly liked due to the underwhelming feelings in regard to general AI manipulation. I’m not sure just ditching it is the coolest idea, since it does have uses, like intercept missions at higher levels. What you could do is, at the end of the ability (or as soon as it begins, who knows), make all enemies affected by it heavily proc’ed by the new void status, so players feel an additional strategic reward for using it.

A number of players feel that Deny feels not particularly strong for an ability that costs 75 energy to use. To that, I argue that you dev’s could just make the ability worth that, while still keeping its general structure. Since it costs that much, you could give it a good punch through against materials, so it feels like a gigantic blast of  void, ignoring the petty logic of the material world, something like 3 to 5 meters as a start would be nice to try. Remember, it costs a lot, so there isn’t a problem in giving it a buff like that. In addition, giving it a powerful VFX, while thickening the beam considerably, say, make it 2 meters wide, would make players instantly reach for it whenever they see a corridor full of enemies, the altered icon would make the ability click faster in understanding for the player as well. Even better, make holding the key for the ability a way to aim the beam, and make releasing the key the releasing of the beam, to reiterate the notion that it is a very strong beam. Other players have made suggestions as well, so look around.


In passing, I would like to agree with the voices on the concerns that Grasp of Lokh weapons range for aggro’ing the void guns should be buffed. Not spectacularly, but 50% as a start would be nice, since Xaku is not a frame built of resilience, but for abilities, trickiness. Second: The developers should really think about the possibility of making the guns not shoot wild animals (that may make our work a bit easier, but come now, Xaku should get some privilege of being the frame launched with Heart of Deimos no?). They definitely should make the guns not focus on targets rooted with Gaze, or at least start focusing on other targets once they “know” the target is dead, because that disrupts the synergy of Xaku’s abilities.


Xaku’s passive… is understandably disapproved by a number of players. I had the same problem as them. You do feel less hit while under the effect of the Vast Untime, but once you are at the higher levels, with higher damage, you are barely able to last, and that is if you dedicate all your efforts into running and dodging around, in skelly form.  I don’t think raising evasion chance to 100% sounds reasonable, so I reiterate what I said before: You should give the whole aspect of evasion a differential from Damage Reduction, a buff that Damage Reduction doesn’t give, something that feels different. I said my suggestions of making evasive frames build up a “evade from death” slot for each evaded attack, up to a fixed number of slots that have a cooldown to be refilled, all the while giving the frame the slightest of boosts in speed in general, so they feel more wily, agile, powerful from looking death in the eye and escaping it by the skin of their biomechanical shell.

That would make players excited every time you mention things with evasion, because people can look up to a different form of power fantasy every time. Of course, I am suggesting something to give all frames in general, but if you feel like giving something only to Xaku, or to keep that buff from certain warframes, like Baruuk, due to its already existing synergy with Elude and his Restraint meter, then that’s okay too.

Evading should also have some sort of imagery to show for each evaded attack, like Baruuk’ Elude, so they can notice that the power is working. One cannot overlook the psychological factor of showing a player the positive factors of a power they are not using, lest they think the power is not doing anything at all.



In addition, in regards to Xata’s Whisper, I am still holding on buffing the damage of the ability. Remember folks, they may consider the possibility of making the void boost damage affect Eidolons and Amalgams, and, if they do that, the paltry 26% in damage addition will be wildly sought out, because it will outrank damage of a Rhino’s Roar due to an Eidolon’s resistances. If Xata’s Whisper can be given as an infusion, that may open the door to making a lot of Warframes more viable to deal with Eidolons. However, the status ailment of Void damage should really be modified. Either by making the bullet magnet home into the head after a number of procs, or by revamping the ailment altogether, other players has made suggestions, as I did mine. I’m partial towards a “convert harm to good”, as it is unique, an “passing infection” would be interesting too, but, in the end, the choice lies with you developers.


Lastly, I also concur with giving Xaku the slightest bit of an edge in Cambion’s Drift (cue runnin in the 90’s riff), by, at the very least, making Xaku immune to Fass slowing effects in areas where his pieces lie); At your choice, you could give the frame a little boosting in shooting and reloading, like another poster has said, when they are at Vome areas, and a little boost in damage if they are in Fass areas. It would go on the same line as Revenant’s immunity to the magnetism ailment in the water bodies of Plains of Eidolon.

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On 2020-09-30 at 3:53 AM, (XB1)VaultedShade said:

Ok all descriptions of the new changes for xaku are on console but the buff has not happened that's really disappointing DE

This is how certifications work, clearly not all the changes fit into the one cert, so they updated the descriptions in a sooner update.

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  • 3 weeks later...
48 minutes ago, (PS4)Fship said:

When is Wisp getting fixed ? For example her idle when she should be “flying” and not standing in her feet that she does not have or when you jump in those cables and she just starts running with no feet 

Heh, that's funny bug. I don't mind if it stays.

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On 2020-09-28 at 12:57 PM, ALIONATED said:

For anybody that thinks Xaku is weak. 


Nyx can do the same thing and she’s also one of the worst frames in the game.

Just because a player exploits tiny niche details about the game to get frames up to lvl 4000 enemies does not mean the frame itself is generally good.

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1 hour ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Just because a player exploits tiny niche details about the game to get frames up to lvl 4000 enemies does not mean the frame itself is generally good.

But what is the exploit?

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