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Fire Mode switching suggestion Aim switch? Manual switch? No worries !


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Do you like the the Aim switch or the Manual switch ?

Now you can chose what you prefer on every weapon which have an alternative fire mode can have this button just click and change it to your liking!

I think many weapon would benefit from a button like this. I seen many people love this Aim switch(fire mode change when aiming) Mechanic, but others hell they not really like it. And some weapons need even the basic fire mode switch like: (euphona prime, hind,).

Also a third button for using the alternative fire with the alt fire button with not switching it.(Mostly for the weapons with: *xy* )  A configuration option would be nice to where we can chose which is the hip fire and which is the aim fire. ( With this option weapons with 3 fire modes could have this to! With sacrificing one fire mode. )  

This This option could be available on the next weapons: *Euphona Prime* ( keeping the original mode with extra option ), Kuva Quartakk, Hind, Argonak, *Cornith*( keeping the original mode with extra option ), Fulmin, Stradavar, Zarr.

This is basically it.   

Please leave leave your thoughts about it, every comment helps to make this even better/more polished.




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I'd love to see this change implemented into the game.

In the past I had issues with weapons like Hind because of using alt fire button to fire instead of switching firing mode and later I dropped Quatz because of it's awkward alt fire on aim mechanic. If this would be changed, I'd probably give this weapon another try.

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Very big yes.

Being able to choose how mode switching / alt fire works, on a per-weapon basis, should've been a thing years ago.

Being able to, as a random example, configure a Tiberon Prime so that you get
Full-Auto shots on Primary Fire, Burst while aimed, and Semi-Auto on Secondary Fire
(or whatever config would make more sense / feel better to you), instead of the clunky cycle mechanic, would be super nifty.

And as per that example, let us generally choose what goes where, e.g. if you set up Panthera to switch via Secondary Fire
(rather than the current hold SF which sure is fun for console players lol), let us choose which firing mode you start the mission with,
and if there's more than 2 to cycle through, let us pick the order of those modes
(BTW, same for cycle abilities like on Ivara / Booben / Khora / etc, also Chroma / Equinox / Chromalibur / subsumed abilities).

I'd love to do something like make my Corinth fire airbursts by default, and have "regular" shots only happen while aiming,
ever since the (Quick) Melee changes it's been annoying to alternate between Melee and heavy airburst usage.

Just, please make that happen.

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I support this! I'd name the 3 different modes like this:

Aim-switch -> This changes firing mode by aiming, like on Quartz

Altfire toggle -> This changes firing mode by pressing altfire, like on Stradavar

Altfire directfire -> This directly shoots the alternative attack by pressing altfire, like on Panthera


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IDK who at DE thought ADS fire mode change was a good idea AT ALL.
Suros Regime in Destiny 2 merely swaps to a slower fire rate but higher damage when ADS but maintains full auto behavior that matches the need for ADS situations. Quatz and Diplos have the WORST fire mode mechanics.

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This isn't just necessary. It's near-mandatory quality of life customization. There is absolutely no reason to lock a firing mode to whether the player is aiming or not.

Best case I can present happens in none other than Borderlands 2: There are several weapon manufacturers with unique gimmicks, of note to this is DAHL. DAHL weapons work full auto when hip-fired and fire in bursts when aimed. While this was somewhat useful for smgs, pistols and rifles, this mechanic severely limited the use of sniper rifles, and limited the usability and comfort of all DAHL weapons. Want to know what happened in Borderlands 3? They did away with that mechanic, instead now all DAHL weapons either have a toggle for whichever firing mode the player wants to use or always fire in bursts or full auto. And wouldn't you know, the change feels infinitely better.

If Gearbox did away with it because it understood players didn't like the mechanic, DE have proven to be far more than competent enough to understand so as well. X weapon fires in Y-mode and switches to Z-mode when aiming by design? Okay, that's interesting, but maybe I prefer Z-mode all the time, and we already have weapons with two or more firing modes on toggle (off the top of my head, in no particular order: Argonak, Tiberon (has 3 firing modes!), Stradavar, Fulmin, Cernos Prime, Hind and Kuva Hind (also has 3 firing modes), Zarr and Kuva Zarr, Larkspur, Tenet Tetra and Ambassador, among many others).

If DE have done it before with so many weapons, why do these few not get the same treatment?

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