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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.8 +

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riven links in trade chat broken after hotfix

necramech mods at 2% after a 10% drop chance is still dishonest to player time, especially considering the shallow, boring, repetitive and non innovative nature of isolation bounties. After 8 years of development you can surely come up with something better than shooting at enemies in a circle, disruption is one example.

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Rivens aren't linkable. Operator void dashing is still not fixed near enemy Necramechs. Arquebex got one mod-slot removed (dahell? People having invested a forma in there now wasted that one). Quassus still not taking mods into consideration, when using the alt fire methode, the throwing blades are still weak af, and more to say ... but honestly, I am not getting paid listing all the bugs.

"Bug fixes", more like bug additions.



30 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.8


  • Fixed a terrain hole in the Orb Vallis. As reported here!




Has been posted even earlier by me. You guys never really pay some real attention to your playerbase and forums. Nice job.

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11 minutes ago, --TL--Sui said:

just here to check on my boy voltage


did he die :(

also unvault news when?

What specifically are you checking up on?  Have you made a bug report to Support or in the appropriate bugs forum?  They aren't as likely to fix... whatever it is, if they don't know it's broken.

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Minor issue but on the mission end card I will often see a cyst on my frame (or even whole team) even though it doesnt have one active. 

Also please please help hunting  a litttle at least to make it less of a chore. Also let hunting get you rep in the other open worlds like deimos

6 minutes ago, kxZyle said:

Please implement at least some of these measures to improve both tracking and free target hunting:



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DE, plz consider working on the following issues:

- Subsequent vault bounties often not being t2 and t3 as expected
- Not being able to use archwing after leaving mechs
- Fetch/vacuum not working while in mech
- Not being able to pick up stuff/revive tenno while in mech
- Mech often not spawning but triggering its cooldown 
- Missleading waypoints/loc-pins in HoD
- Amps self knockdown
- A way to check cycles BEFORE entering HoD
- Cant release pet with son if you have max standing (even though it doesnt give any standing)
- If your mech is destroyed while not being host u might get stuck in an operator witho no focus till the end of the mission (even after u die)

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you should Strongly consider making the mech movement mods more accessible so people can more easily take them to poe // open world bounties... make duration of abilities/ melee dmg increase/ efficency of abilities icing on the cake and make the Body of the cake a 12 pip necramech thrusters and hydraulics!... the mech movement is the best thing in the game since og parkour update! stay safe!

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