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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.8 +

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17 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Necramech Changes & Fixes:

Need more:

  • Player Necramechs should have innate health and Energy regeneration.
  • Player Necramechs should not prevent Companion Precepts/Mods (i.e Animal Instinct, Vacuum/Fetch) from functioning.
  • Hostile Necramechs should have a cooldown and a start-up animation for their Storm Shroud.
  • Adjust the modding for player Necramechs. It needs around 7 Formas to slot the necessary 11 mods.
19 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

General Weapon Changes:

The Sepulcrum's lock-on alt-fire needs to be faster and more generous. By the time you lock on with a team, they're already dead.

20 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed a case where Latrox Une wouldn’t spawn if Garv’s encounter happened before it, and Garv was still around.

Off-topic, but can they hang around inside the Necralisk? Makes the place less deserted and more of a proper safe haven from the Cambion Drift.

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7 minutes ago, -JT-_-R3W1ND said:

Do you understood 2% of 10% is 0.02%? Otherworldly this is 500 kills. It's fine for a mob you can kill bulk, but not for a 30 min run. 300 hours!

No, its 0,2%. Still terrible odds, but lets not go crazy.

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3 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.8


Fixed Clients always hitting a fade-to-black teleport volume when entering the Isolation Vault.

Ahh! Thank you so much for fixing this. You have no clue how annoying that bug was for me.


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20 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • Improvements towards Operator eye textures and shading to look less flat. Look, look with your special eyes!




Thank you for this! I can finally play this game! Until now it was just unplayable.

Luckily this is the only game-breaking issue there was to address.

Awesome stuff right there.

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19 minutes ago, Skaleek said:

Yeah but this is still garbage. You know we can only kill a few necramechs every 30m right? 0.2% drop rates on mobs that die at a rate of 2-6 per hour is insane.

Yeah. I mean I'll give it a try and see if this helps, but on such a rare enemy, mod drops should be a minimum of like 25% chance. 10% chance still doesn't feel like it will cut it...

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23 minutes ago, Deminisis said:

Will there be anything of value for reaching Rank 5 Entrati in the future? A fish trophy and a captura scene is all that is available. Necraloid is looking just as bad, despite adding mods to purchase.

I'm really worried about the replay value of this open world if we have nothing left to spend standing on after the one time purchase of blueprints, mods, and weapons.

we know we're getting necralisk kitgun parts, i assume some of these will require rank 5

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Thank you for the hotfix and keep up the good work! Although the 10% mod chance on the first necramech still feels steep if you ask me.

Necramech Redirection Very Common (75.88%)

Necramech Steel Fiber Uncommon (22.11%)

Necramech Thrusters Rare (2.01%)

These numbers (based on the 10% chance for the mod dropping in the first place) would be 7.588%, 2.211%, 0.201% in a single instance of beating a T1 necramech.

So I went to https://xplainthegame.com/dropchance-calculator/ and put in the Thruster chance for the single instance and it's pretty sucky.



I would say it still needs a base raise from the mod drop chance from 10% to something a bit more reasonable for a single boss-like entity.


Praise Redimus Textimus

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