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Add "gunplay Kills, Assists" Stat To Mission Results


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Let's face it, even though this is a co-op game, players want to know they are an effective part of the team!


However, the post mission results screen appears to only give a big 'pat on the back' to a single play style - total kills/damage.*


Because certain frames such as Nova and Rhino have a distinct advantage in garnering large kill counts by casting their powerful, wide reaching ults, this makes those of us who prefer different playstyles to look like we weren't holding our weight in the mission.


The conclusion is that those who spent the mission taking out hordes of mobs with our blazing guns, or kept hundreds of mobs locked down and saved the team's butt end up looking like we were twiddling our thumbs in comparison.


Can we get a couple of lines added to the top mission results page to support other playstyles than just ult nuking?


gunplay kills - any enemies you killed with your guns

assist kills - enemies killed while under the effects of your powers (snowglobe, bastille, chaos, sonar, etc)


*yes, melee and headshot kills stats do show, but those are pretty 'niche' playstyles. The most common playstyles are CCer, nuker and gunner. Right now the game only 'congratulates' nukers.



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Edit: Can have bleeding out kill and bleeding out assist kill maybe? I notice about the melee kill until later.


Those are more niche stats, would be nice to have them on your personal profile.


But things like 'gunplay kills' and 'assists' are 2 of the 3 of the main playstyles of the game and are totally ignored by the post mission stats, so i'm focusing this post on them for right now.

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+2 we need Gunplay stats. It's terrible that the current leaderboards and end mission stats show only total kills. This is a third person "shooter" game not a who's a more efficient #4 button presser game.


Yep. Maybe this isn't the right category for this post...admins?

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It'd be nice to have kill and assist counts by enemy category, too, such as "grunts" and "heavies". The Tenno with a sniper rifle might not have the highest kill count, but you can bet the ability to 1shot enemy heavies is an asset to the squad.

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