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Subsumed "Roar" freezes game at Arsenal Screen and sometimes breaks Whole UI when warframe's power Strength is around or beyond 200%

Message added by [DE]Saske,

Hello tvirusx! This issue will be fixed in the next Hotfix.

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i "applied" the ROAR ability to my Hyldrin on the 4 slot through helminth, my power strength is at 214%,  at the ARSENAL screen when i move my mouse pointer over the 4 ability slot where ROAR is, the UI freezes for a couple of seconds and then it breaks to the point that it shows nothing, or sometimes the ability icons and menus stay there but i cant access them and hovering the mouse pointer over the abilities shows nothing, the same happens on the Warframe "Abilities" screen and the Warframe "Upgrade" screen, one fix for it is simply going out of the arsenal UI by pressing ESC key and back again and try not to hover the mouse pointer over that slot, the other ability slots work fine, but sometimes the whole game UI breaks with it, and im forced to close the game and open it again. The ability works fine in game missions, it even seems to be calculating the power strength bonus. Please note that this only happens when power strenght is near or above the 200% mark, i tested this by removing all my "strength" mods (Using augur secrets MAX and blind rage 9/10) and the UI works without any problems. Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully fix this.

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