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[PC] The Dragons Pantheon is recruiting! Rank 10! All Researches and all dojo rooms! No Requirements!

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We are a multigaming community, that started its journey July 2017 as a clan in Warframe and is now active in several other games. We as a community want to be a place for resting, making contact to nice people, having fun and playing together, after a hard day of work, school or whatever!

We are focused on casual gaming with the main goal to have fun as a family and enjoy gaming together. Respect, teamwork, communication and equality are very important to us and together we try to create a friendly community around the different games and people.

What are we offering?

  • Fully built Dojo + Dry Dock + All Researches
  • Not mandatory discord including features for Warframe
  • Friendly and helpful Community
  • Regular giveaways and events like tournaments in the discord
  • Game Servers for Conan Exiles, Minecraft and more
  • Modular Club System -> Customizable Discord Server
  • Custom Discord Bots
  • Exp/Level Progression System and more features
  • Moderation

You are very welcome to join our ingame clan and also our discord! -> https://discord.gg/6EKsmvv

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