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Livestream Schedule: September 14 - 18

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13 hours ago, Mithras1898 said:

First time I'm having a similar issue. I didn't get Monday's tokens when I had it running in the background, even checking in when I heard something interesting, but I got today's drop with no issue.

I too have been having issues with drops.
First started noticing the issue with the scintillant drop. Prior to the scinitillant drop day i was getting prex cards right and left, but after the official drops something happened to my twitch connection and upon logging in to WF account i noticed my connection was broken between Twitch and WF (had a working connection for 3 years no issue).  
Decided to reconnect the two accounts and was able to get the twitch yesterday from DE_Rebs stream (x15 Mother Tokens).
Today on DE_Taylor's stream been watching for now 60 minutes and still no drop.

Something is def. broken on WF side or maybe even Twitch side. One thing to note, I am watching another WF content creator's stream, so I do not know if there is a conflict with those interactions.

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14 hours ago, zipilgrim said:

The drops have been weird for me as well. I didn't get the Mother tokens today despite watching (actually watching, not just in the background) the entire stream. But yesterday's drops worked fine and I got my Daughter tokens. But last week's didn't work on Thursday and I didn't get my Scintillant.... but last week's worked on Wednesday...

Although they've been very intermittent these last 2 weeks, they were much more consistent before, and I have a huge collection of duplicate Prex cards from when that was a thing. My accounts must be properly linked if I'm getting most of the drops, and I don't want to change the linking for fear it'll break it completely.

I'm lucky it was the Mother tokens that I missed, compared to those of you who missed Daughter (though that I certainly needed that Scintillant last week), but I'm more worried about missing Otak's and especially Son's.

Same here on all accounts you listed.


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Why not 15 son tokens like the rest that's kinda backwards and mother tokens we can get anytime grandmother tokens would have nice ... Sometimes y'all do things so backwards please get it together you guys please quit nerfing everything its taking away the fun factor of this game and y'all don't even realize this 


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