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Ash Stuck in Blade Storm Camera Angle

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I ran into a bug last night while doing some leveling in Helene, Saturn. It was a Meso fissure and I was not the host.

I was playing Ash Prime and used by Blade Storm (4) ability to mark a bunch of enemies. I then executed the ability and then used Teleport (3) to join my clones in assassinating the marked enemies. I am using the Lethal Teleport augment. 

I think what happened is some of the marked enemies became corrupted by void fissures while I was still executing Blade Storm. The invulnerable enemies glitched the Blade Storm and I was stuck playing in the cinematic camera angle used to show the assassinations. 

My warframe was still in the game and was still able to use abilities including melee and Blade Storm again, but my movement WASD controls seemed inverted. I used the mini-map to try and run around to get the rest of my fissure reactant. I also tried to change my screen resolution to reset the camera, but it didn't fix anything. I was stuck in the cinematic camera for a few minutes until it suddenly reverted back to normal game play. I don't know what triggered the reversion, but I was able to do another 5 waves and extract correctly afterwards.



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Hello tenno,

Indeed this bug exists since the rework of ultimate, it intervenes most often when one has a host with an unstable connection (drops from 80 to 250ms for example).

As you have seen the animation is impossible to stop because of its mechanics, an optimization rework would be welcome which sends back a stop during an endless loop.

The only solution is an optimisation by D.E.

ps: This is the warframe I prefer but also the most buggy in multi :D sessions, you can have this type of animations issues too.warframe_issue.PNG?width=1442&height=618

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