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I Bow To You, Digital Extremes


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Because introductions are the polite thing to do - first things first!


When I found Warframe by accident some two months ago, I was nodding with appreciation in front of my computer as I took my first steps as a Tenno. Being first introduced to Digital Extremes in conjunction with Epic Games back in the days of the original Unreal Tournament, I was having high hopes already that they wouldn't let me down with Warframe. And Lotus be blessed, they didn't.


This is a game that I have long been waiting for as it provides me with a blend of elements that I have waited to happen since years:

1) twisted Jedi Outcast/Academy in terms of acrobatics and *coughdon'tkillmecough* "Force powers",

2) a dark, mystical, magical, yet technological feeling alike the original two Alien vs. Predator games (Infestation anyone?),

3) customization options for weapons and "suit" that give me the feeling of tinkering around to my heart's content and desire (it oddly feels like Mass Effect here, which is a good thing),

4) fluid mix between melee and ranged combat that I so love from the original Devil may Cry series,

5) a third person shoulder-cam game that FINALLY allows me to manually switch camera position and without utilizing random cover-mechanics that make you want to claw your keyboard to smithereens,

6) interesting and expandable lore with vast opportunities to go in-depth,

7) ... and all that wrapped with a multiplayer option, which is exactly what defines a game for me nowadays since many years now. I play very few singleplayer games, only if they really really really impress me and steal my heart away doing so. Why? Because I don't want to do things all on my own. It is much more fun having people around... so I successfully coaxed some people into trying Warframe! (( now, if only could play with them because that pesky strict NAT error... *mumblegrumble* ))


"But what does all that mean for this introduction?"

It means that I really have strong feelings for the game and wish for it to stay and succeed, and that I want to contribute with my findings and thoughts - it is beta after all, and I don't think of myself as playing a free game, but take up the responsibility to actually test and report things. This messages also serves as a disclaimer. I have written a few pages of text already that I will split among the bug report and suggestions area, and that is just the start. To some, I might be going to sound overly critical and harsh at times when voicing my concerns, but this is only because I CARE for the game. You know, emotions and stuff :) But don't worry, I am not trolling or flaming people, and back up my opinions with detailed reasons.


Having said that, I am really not certain if Warframe is ready when the PS4 is released in November. I see a great many things to be fixed and improved, and it won't do with just beefed-up content.

While the game is gorgeous and I really love to play it, I still get the feeling that it is far from finished. It plays very fluid, no doubt about that, but the UI issues are gargantuan, and I am having grave doubts if controller-only players are able to navigate properly through it without throwing something at their screen... and I don't mean their wallet.

Furthermore, there are indeed balance issues and a lot of half-baked things that fall under the category "make or break your game." This is what I am wary about, but again... I want this game to succeed... not to be cast away soon due to problems spreading and rising that could have been fixed in beta, in which we are now.


I do have faith in the developers to keep this motor running and the ship on steady course, but I also believe in the interaction with the community to make a better product... by listening to reason, and not to the ones crying loudest.

And if things go down the drain, then at least I could say; "I tried and gave my input and thoughts."

Alas, let the topics rise... slooooooowly at first :D

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I miss JO/JKA. Too bad it's online community isn't as big as it used to be and it's mainly all about fanning yellow and poking with red style. 

Indeed, this is why I only played with a couple of friends "in the end". I've always treated JO and JA as two different games, mostly because I never patched JO beyond 1.02 to keep this highpowered feeling that got lost later on. Loved both games for their differences (still do).


Anyways, thanks for the warm welcome and no "oh god wall of text I don't read dat" :D We'll see how well I am going to fare here, now after the brunt of my bug lists have all been posted. The big things are yet to come, which are the elaborated suggestions. I think this is where it gets more interesting, on an interaction level.


But alas, Tenno might or might not sleep, but I definitely do. *retreats to Clan Hall*

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