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Good Witch themed ability for Wisp


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Depends on what kind of witchy theme you are going for. Some good shouts are garuda's blood alter or Harrow's condemn if u want a sacrifice theme. Maybe nekros' terrify if you want to be a haunting witch, or Nyx's mind control for a psychic theme. Or you can pull a 360 and go for a helpful witch, using trin's well of life. Titania's spell bind and the augment spellbind harvest feel witchy.

Note: these are purely abilities I think are witchy themed and not what I'd keep on wisp for practical mission use

Edit: of all these I'd say spellbind with spellbound harvest is the most useful for energy, but there are definitely better options other then these


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Eclipse is probably one of the better choices, as feminine magic is often associated with the moon.  And damage mitigation and damage increases are something that Wisp's kit doesn't already have, and they both synergize with other elements of her kit.

But honestly, I feel like Wisp is a frame that, generally speaking, doesn't explicitly benefit from Helminth.  Her abilities all synergize in nice ways with each other, and they're a good mix of raw power and utility.  I'm not even sure which ability to get rid of...which one is the "least" witch-themed?  That's a toughie.

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