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Subsumed Resonator

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There does not appear to be any way to edit the song that resonator plays when infused into another warframe. This is most noteworthy in that you cannot lower your own volume, only the volume of other Tenno, since you cannot access the mandachord. If you want to use this ability, you need to endlessly listen to the same 10 second music loop which I find to be basically unplayable.

Would really appreciate the ability to either edit the song, another volume slider for your own music, or even for the current slider to also affect your own abilities.

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Is this still being looked into or? I just infused it on my limbo to try and make him somewhat less annoying to play, but i will not touch this build as long as you cant silence this. Maybe changing the song on other frames is too much asked, but please just let us make it silent.

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