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Nyx along with others need rework but u think she needs it more. I like the idea of a telepathic warframe but Think devs put to much focus into her mind control abilities she has mind control and chaos both which are cc I think either mix both into one ability or remove one of them since both do the same thing. Mind control makes an ally but the ai is bad can’t hit nothing like a Star Wars storm trooper chaos causes mass hysteria causing enemies to hit everything in site again needs a damage buff I’d say merge them together pressing it causes it to be mind control while holding causes mass hysteria. Psychic bolt not bad I would say let her pick her pick objects up to chuck them at people or something in stead of bolts to make it more telepathic even picking up foes and chucking them like rag dolls. If you merge abilities mind control and chaos together one slot would be free I’d say a force field would be good like what jean grey would do so that nyx can defend and objective. Her utilmate just reminds me to much of mags ability, I’d change that to like a damage/cc ability where nyx just mind crush’s them killing them cause mind broken or just cause an aneurism  or leaving them catatonic 

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