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Why does my Warframe always sit down from a sudden instant-standing position, after I closed ANY clickable menu other than "Arsenal" and "changing online status"? That shouldn't be. Leave the poor sod sitting. This affects really every other clickable upon closing; Profile, Void keys, Contacts, Market, Foundry, Options (( okay, you got me. Warframe does NOT stand up when clicking "exit" and then saying "no" :P )). The only time a Warframe should stand up is when opening the arsenal. The problem the model has there is when opening and closing the arsenal too fast, as it zips again into the upright position from "just rising from sitting" and lowers down to sit again.

Chat frame: Grabbing the chat window and moving it around should not stop working if my cursor would go off-screen, nor should it stop moving when it hits the border of the interface.

Chat frame: It kills mission selection. Click on any mission area, like Venus, and you have the missions in front of you, and then you maximize the chat window. When you minimize it again, the mission selection is gone, and you cannot move the map around with mouse drag. You have to press escape / zoom out and then get back into the mission area. It doesn't happen when you have the chat maximized when clicking into the mission area, but once you minimize-maximize another time, the bug is happening again.

Contacts: If you click "edit roles" in the clan section, the tooltip displayed at each role on the right column is BEHIND the window, making the tooltip useless. Please get them in front of it.

Contacts: When rightclicking a person and selecting "show profile", the contact window disappears, and that is fine because there is not enough room... but and after exiting said statistic pane, the contact window does NOT come back again. This is horribad. At the very least the profile statistic window should overlap the contacts one.

Otherwise I suggest undocking the text with Profile, clan, Leaderboard, etc. and push this statistic window you view more to the left, so that the contact window has its fixed place on the right.

Foundry: If mousing over an item in the component column on the right, and read the tooltip, and then use the mousewheel to scroll in either direction, the tooltip of the new item underneath the cursor does not update automatically. You have to leave the entire icon your cursor was on, so not even a slight movement refreshes the tooltip, only when completely selecting a different item. Please fix it so it always loads whenever there is something new under the cursor's position.

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