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Korrudo RNG 0%? Update 27.2

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I have the same problem, I killed I think something between 30 and 50 bull (maybe more, tbh I stopped counting) and still nothing, I got rare mods several times instead but no korrudo BP, so I really begin to wonder if it's really possible to get it this way.

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yes, i got it few weeks ago. and i play since 2013... 🤣

many don't understand that 5% doesn't mean you get it after XX kills. No! That can also mean that you won't get it in 10 years, even if you kill the mob there every day.
simple example: i still miss war bp from stalker. I killed him twice as often or even more than "elite" thumper.

in case developers read that, which i don't believe, but if: how about if the chance of rare drops increases with every kill? example: first kill 5% chance, second kill 6% chance .. etc.

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Key difference between Warframe's true RNG and other systems on the market;

5% drop chance does not mean that you will get the part once in 20 runs. It does not mean you will get it 5 times in 100. It means that if you extend the runs to the millions, the number of times it drops in that time is 5%

You could get it first try.

You could get nothing for 190 tries and then get it 10 times in a row.

That is how true RNG works, sadly.

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It's a common misunderstanding of probability. Even if they aren't interested in grasping the higher math aspects, everyone should learn about the gamblers fallacy, the myth of the alleged "law of averages" and what the law of large numbers really means. 

Even without a deep understanding of math, I feel like if the average person read up on that stuff, they wouldn't have so many complaints about rng. 

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