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More Than 1 Warframe


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Welcome to warframe!

Check out the wiki, which has tones of useful information, including which boss to farm for which warframe!


Snippet of interest:

New players start as an Excalibur Warframe in a tutorial session. Upon completion, players are given a choice to start the game using either Excalibur, Loki, or Mag. By default, players are allotted 2 Warframes slots, each additional slot costing Platinumicon 20. There are two ways to obtain a new Warframe:

The longer method requires the Tenno to acquire the Blueprints for the desired warframe's Chassis, Systems, and Helmet from a boss, build the items in the Foundry, purchase a Warframe blueprint with credits from the market, and manufacture the desired Warframe.

Purchase the Warframe with Platinum from the Market. Warframes acquired in this manner come with a pre-installed Orokin Reactor and their own slot.

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If you take a look at the wiki and at the specific warframes you should settle for a secondary warframe (if you don't want to buy slots with platinum, or plan on selling other warframes you already own) and focus on getting said warframe, if you have maxed(rank 30), or are bored of, you first warframe. if you only have 2 warframes, however, you can chose between these 2 as you like.


Every boss drops diffrent warframe parts, so you need to check in the wiki to find out which boss drops wich parts.

Im not trying to advertise but the wiki is really usefull, because you also can take a look at the weapons and get feedback on everything, if you look into the comments. The only problem with comments is, that some people in the internet tend to ... behave a little bit diffrent from your moral definition of "good".

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And if your too lazy to look up wiki...


Every accounts starts with 2 slots

one slot is taken by your starter warframe


You can go to a planet and fight the boss for all three parts of a Warframe which is





You can also do alerts, or defense for two other warframes, or run Void runs for Mag prime, and Frost Prime


For example Nef on Mars drops Mag parts if you beat him enough times to drop

Mag head

Mag Chassis

Mag Systems

you can then go to the market, click the warframe section, scroll down to the credit BP warframes... Buy Mag Blueprint then go into foundry build all three parts, and then put all three parts into the Mag BP to build Mag. Then just claim the warframe from the foundry and viola you have a new Warframe.

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