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Banshee prime

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I´ve had banshee prime for some time and it is just gathering dust. Is she a viable frame?

Ive recently seen people wanting to buy her, did a new meta appeared that made her better? On youtube the only builds ive seen is people using either savage silence, spamming sonar and/or using rolling guard or invisibility to survive, so with her needing all these because of how squishy she is, should i use her or should i wait till she gets buffed?

I dont want a warframe that can kill everything in a room in one second, but honestly i feel like she does the same as other frames but she requires much more.

If you use her i´d be grateful if you told me your build or way to use her.

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On 2020-09-13 at 2:33 PM, (XB1)BRUHck Obama said:

If you use her i´d be grateful if you told me your build or way to use her.

Long range Resonance Sonar build.  Super effective, and one of the great squad frames if  weapon-focused.

Short range Savage Silence build.  Very effective, but really weakens the other abilities so the variety mostly resides in mobility and mixing up a few finishers with regular attacks.  Not recommended unless you have a melee weapon you really enjoy.

Sneaky short range Savage Silence build with Skiajati and Amalgam Daikyu.    My designated lich killer.

Hybrid with 100% range.   Silence and Sonar kind of work against each other, but I spend more time with this than any other. 

Loooong range Resonating Quake build.  Mostly just for cheesing Interceptions and Mobile D.  (For extra credit, teaming up with Slowva is hilarious.)



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