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Having fun with universal teleport

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There are multiple fun ways to teleport long distance in Warframe without specific build requirement that some people might see as exploits but I see them as consistent natural orders of things. Currently there are 4 that I know of, they may require a little bit of planning ahead to utilize in the field.


1. Operator to Warframe

You can leave Warframe behind and return to it later (sometimes you do even without wanting to) by letting Operator die OR changing into Warframe without touching "stable ground" (midair or from a railing) and jump down a pit to get re-positioned where you left your Warframe earlier. Usable in any mission when want to send Operator on errand and skip return trip.


2. Archwing to Warframe

Same principle as the first one. While on Archwing, you do not have "stable ground" to return to when you fall down a pit or deep water or off bound. So dismount and go straight down to get re-positioned where Warframe last stood. Can only be used in free roam (same as the other 2), like during Isolation Vault bait-collecting phase on return trip.


3. Operator to Necramech

Simply aim directly at the Mech and activate Transference. It should work no matter how far you are as long as you can target the Mech. I tested by leaving Mech on to of Nef Anyo's statue and transfer in from 3km away! In case you don't want to use Mech you can leave it somewhere highly visible near the entrance for quick return trip.


4. Necramech to Warframe

Same as the last one. I used Operator-to-Mech to go back and forth in order to hasten fish spawn.

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If you crave for real teleport, you have few options;
Ash can jump from enemy to enemy, very fun but situational;
Loki, similar thing;
And for the end, wukong's 2, it's not a proper teleport, but it's possibly one of best movement skills in game. 

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We used to be able to transfer from Warframe to Operator as well before Update 29. Here is how I used that to spend time more efficiently (and have more fun) in Kuva Flood that I don't have to wait around on 4 siphons. (Enemies in 2 or more tiles away will be deactivated so they cannot complete siphon without me nearby) Skip to 4:15 for the wrap-up.




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