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Rank 1-2 Mastery Test Issue


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I've come across something quite obnoxious. When taking the Rank 1-2 Mastery Test, it seems that having Reflex Guard causes one to potentially auto-parry an attack with a non-existent melee weapon, locking one temporarily in the melee guard position. This has led to two of my three failures attempting this (one, sadly, was my own fault for taking my merry sweet time). I have no screenshots as of this moment as I'm not used to using a computer capable of them, but I'll be sure to take a few if it happens next time I attempt it.


I could be mistaken in my belief that Reflex Guard is the cause, but as of yet, it seems the most logical, considering it seems to happen upon the attack of an enemy unit. The middle time however, went without this strange glitch happening, which is what casts my doubts about the source.


I'm unsure of how to help test this. Do I try it again tomorrow with the mod to potentially give some photographic evidence first, or do I remove the mod and try it without to see if the problem still occurs?


Advice? (And sorry again for not having screenshots prepared...)

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