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Can Someone Explain “Eidolon Time” For Me Please?

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Apologies if this has been discussed to death already.

Long time player coming back after about 18 month off.  While I was definitely around and playing Warframe during the release of Plains of Eidolon, I never really had the interest to try it.  (I.E. – being a Space Ninja fulfills a lifelong fantasy!  Being a fisherman or a miner does not.)

Anyway, I started giving Eidolon a spin about three weeks ago and quickly liked the Eidolon hunting at night.  But I don’t understand the day/night cycle.

Last night, I clicked on the Cetus node to see how soon night would fall.  The node said “Night in 1 hour”.  (As an aside, it overwhelmingly seems to say “1 hour” 80% of the time I click on it, but I digress…)

Ok, night in 1 hour.  I can hang out for that. 

So I immediately jumped into a Survival mission on a different planet and we did 25 minutes before extracting.  Just out of curiosity, I then clicked on Cetus – and it said “night in 57 minutes”.

Um, ok.

So how on earth (no pun intended) can I reasonably calculate when to expect night on Cetus, if 25+ real minutes equals only about 3 Cetus minutes?  Is that the official equation?

What am I missing here?  I’m sure it is obvious, but I can be dense at times.

Thanks in advance.

Game on!

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It got broke with the current UI update i think , i could see 1 hour x minutes before.

Day is 1 hour 40 minutes, Night is 50 minutes there's like a 5 minute twilight time in which you can technically still capture eidolons - so i would actually consider night to be 45 ish minutes night and 1 hour 45 ish minutes Day.


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