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Flowers on Helminth's wall grow burried inside the wall where they are almost invisible

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It's been a few days now that I've been wondering why no flower grew after I subsumed Rhino. Yesterday I've subsumed Baruuk, and when I went into the infirmary (is that what the room is still called?) I think I got my answer:



Baruuk's flower (located on my crosshair) seems to have spawned partially inside the wall, groing in a direction where you can't really see it. This means Rhino's flower is probably also somewhere in there, hidden behind the wall of flesh As I was about to post this I realized that there's probably another burried flower below and slightly to the left of Baruuk's, which is probably Rhino's because I know where everyone else's are.

Can you please fix it so that flowers will not spawn inside walls? Also, can you allow us to move flowers around so people like me will be able to fix their half-burried flowers?

Thanks :)

Edit: I'm not sure what you've done to the flowers, but it worked - partially. I just logged in after the latest hotfix and Rhino's and Baruuk's flowers are finally visible! However, since making this post Mag has also joined the club of problematic flowers, this time not because it grow inside the wall, but instead it grew into one of the red infested growths that surround it. Here are some pictures:


First up, a list of all the flowers I had, including the two ones that were bugged before:


Here's a picture from further away, where you can clearly see Mag's green energy glowing from inside/behind this red mass of flesh:


Finally, I tried to peek behind and indeed it seems the flower is there, I think I can make out its stem:




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an update on the situation
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