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Kuva Drakgoon Unable to be Renamed

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I just got the Kuva Drakgoon today, and I had an idea on what to name it.
I go to Zuud with the platinum in hand.
For some reason, the Kuva Drakgoon will not show up as an option to be renamed. At first, I thought it was because it wasn't leveled, so I did that. Still wouldn't appear. I was wondering if it was because I never added a Forma to it, but I ruled that out when I could rename my Kuva Brakk, which had no Forma in it. I've even tried rebooting Warframe, but it still won't register my Kuva Drakgoon's existence, alongside the Kuva Kohm, Quartakk, Tonkor, and Twin Stubbas.

Zuud says this:


while my Arsenal correctly acknowledges them:


Please tell me if I posted this in the wrong subforum, I filed it under UI because it's technically Zuud's selection UI bugging out.
EDIT: Kuva Drakgoon showed up after applying a Forma, which is very inconsistent as I have never dropped a Forma on my Kuva Brakk, Kraken, Ogris, and Seer

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Forma seems to have fixed it
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tl;dr: I am having the same problem, though I have not ventured into applying a Forma yet, so I don't know if that will fix it. Any ideas, my fellow Tenno?

DE, are there any hard and fast fixes to this??


I am unable to rename either my Kuva Chakkhurr or my Kuva Twin Stubbas, even though I can select and rename my other Kuva weapons. I can't figure out why this might be, since the weapons I can rename are from across the entire spectrum of what you could expect to have a Kuva weapon at!


From my maxed out Nukor (catalyst, exilus adapter, 5 forma, valence fused, focus lens) to my minned out Kraken (not even a catalyst, lol), there does not seem to be a barrier to what should be allowed to be renamed. Yet, these two don't show up:


Both the Chakkhurr and the KTS have a catalyst on them, but nothing else. The only main difference is that I have 2 KTS in my arsenal, waiting to be valence fused (part of my reason for posting, since I prefer the element and name of the other KTS *much* more, but I can only choose to pick one, unless I can rename this one...), and I have a Chakkhurr Lich that I am currently hunting (also with a much better name and preferred element...), but I could swear that the Chakkhurr was not listed even before I spawned my current lich.

So, what gives?? Why is this occurring? It is esp frustrating since I can see that Naiture can rename both their KTS and Chakkhurr! My friend as well! He sent me his Zuud rename options when I asked him about it:


All of his weapons show up! (And yes, I know... he has been a much more dedicated Lich farmer than I... don't rub it in... 😋)

DE, please fix!!!

BTW, Naiture... nice Mesa!!!

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