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Bringing back old cosmetics via steel path.

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rather simple and to the point.

Tenebrous ephemera, 

Spore ephemera,

Saturn wolf six armor pack.

There's a few cosmetics players can't get anymore which kinda sucks since if were looking at the strongest form of endgame would be fashion frame. To balance it out we'll say that if anymore limited time modes with cosmetics release. They don't release to steel path until the limited time mode is done. Not everyone has the time to always grind and it doesn't help that said grind can be asinine. It'd just be pretty cool if i got the chance to try and work towards those cosmetics again.

It doesn't even have to be via steel path. A spawn chance on Liches could work too.

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11 minutes ago, Wyrmius_Prime said:

Tenebrous ephemera is available from Little Duck for anomaly shards. Saturn Six armor and the Spore ephemera will most likely be in the next NW intermission. I got my armor from one of the intermission instead of the main act.

can't you only get anomaly shards from the scarlet spear? or can you get anomalys shards some other way?

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Tenebrous Ephemera is obtained from Little Duck using fragments from the Sentient Anomaly in Railjack missions

Nightwave Ephemeras and cosmetics can resurface during Nightwave Intermissions.

Limited-edition Ephemeras like Naberus or Lotus seem to return during their respective events e.g. halloween and Tennocon.

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