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Colossal Fps Drop After Minutes Into Mission After 10.4 Update


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So after the patch with ballistica i strarted having this problem.

I haven't changed any settings since 6 mths ago and i doubt its a problem with my computer or my connection since my other games i'm playing (eg. Dota 2) doesnt have any problems.


More details about the fps drops.


Phase 1: Launch game, login, start an online mission. 3 players join up.

Mission starts and everything is smooth, about 3 mins into the mission, it strikes.


Phase 2: The fps drops so massively I'm literally looking at a slide show now, struggling to even aim properly.


Phase 3: The players who were in my game all disconnect. Subsequently while trying to solo the slideshow mission some random player would still be able to connect, his frame loads in but then dcs afterwhich, one isolated case managed to stay with me throughout the slideshow to extraction tho. (I have hosted tonnes of games before and the mass disconnection has never happened)


Phase 4: I get &!$$ed off and alt tab out to desktop, black screen occurs (I presume cuz of the evolution engine lagging my whole system). Tries ctrl+shift+esc to bring up task manager and after 5 mins it comes up.


Final phase: Shuts off warframe from applications and start cursing.


If there have been any posts about the same problem i apologise but would really appreciate some help.


P.S The mobs still die fine in the slideshowy mission after i manage to get a shot at them.

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Bro's got this exact thing, along with this https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/122561-mouse-sensetivety-bug-settings/


When I host, he'll stay in the session but he'll be massively lagging, and when he hosts it gets to crawl until his laptop shuts down.


Good to know that it's not an isolated problem with his PC (checked everything, hardware, software and drivers). Hope it gets a fix soon because he can't play at all at this rate.

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