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Working From Home: Devstreams (Sept 18)

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Hi Everyone!

This Friday at 2 p.m ET - join some Devs and I to go over a jam packed home Devstream where hopefully nothing goes wrong with the computer! We’ve got lots to discuss – from the Glassmaker Finale to our second Mech in action! Don’t miss a deep dive into Helminth Stats, too! We are looking forward to seeing you there, Tenno!

See you at 2 p.m ET Friday, September 18th at twitch.tv/warframe
Or, if you're on Switch, check us out on Youtube: https://youtube.com/playwarframe

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where did hydroid's fish ephemera go? >:c (looking forward to the stream as always though none the less <3)

edit: also is there any chance our beloved skater boy nezha will get a custom movement animation in the future? considering his design and theme it seems appropriate he'd get to skate around tilesets rather than just run. 

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Hello. Regarding the Helminth system, is there any plans or intentions to add more abilities to it? (besides new Warframes being released) Such as a second wave of abilities, requiring subsuming a warframe a specific second time or to gradually see about easing some Warframes into it on a case by case basis?

If not what about introducing Retired Abilities as Helminth Abilities? Pablo frequently joked about Super Jump on Twitter and while it was played for laughs I could see abilities that are removed or reworked to the point of being a seperate ability being added. Obviously this would exclude things such as Ember's old World on Fire.

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Awesome! Can't wait for Mastery Rank 30 to finally be in player hands!

5 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Don’t miss a deep dive into Helminth Stats, too

I'm excited and worried at the same time.

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  • I hoping to see news about the release of the NEW WAR main quest,
  • Lich 2.0, Railjack new contents
  • -railjack revisited 2.0 with command intrinsics,
  • changes for arcane drops counts on eidolons so new players who cound't play the infamous scarlet spear event (I hope we will not see that event again cause if it will comeback that will bring huge incosisnty for the lore and make the lore look funny and this time none of the veteran players will play it cause all veterans already have the rewards so new players can't even finish the event with their none builded railjack cause there isn't any content for railjack) 
  • graphical improments for infested tile sets like derelicts (railjack derelict tile sets are looking way much better compare to regular derelicts and they are already in the game) and eris tile sets . Because the new infested open world's outstandingly amazing view other infested tiles shown their age and needs some love as well.
    News about fixing the plots in lich content (greener queen is giving kuva to weak grineer with clon roth while Tyl Regor manage clean the clon roth (which is the biggest advancement for the grineer race since the orokin era) and she has no reason give something so valuable to the some weak grineer while tenno is constantly interrupting her efforts to get kuva with missons like kuva siphons and survival and she does not  even have an agenda about trying to ressurect her twin sister which makes the stiuation is even more weird). 
    News about fixing the plots hole came up with scarlet spear (putting something trivial like vox solaris operator like Little Duck to the charge of mighty Tenno, giving her a relay of her own, and information about one of the main sentients (Erra) which only couple of being has knowledge of in the entire solar system (even tenno manage to remember him recently because of the void connection and even that knowledge came from thousands of years ago, other one with knowledge is lotus, stalker, hunhow , Balas and grineer queens. How the hell Little Duck get manage to so much information about sentients and Erra ?)
  • Pet system 2.0
  • News about connecting the plot of the nightwave series (second season plot should be finished in the new deimos tile or grineer base might be added for operations of the Wolf of Saturn Six which he has even sentient tech improvements thanks to Alad V)
  • Putting some conclusions to the events after Parvos Granum comes to the our reality , what is happening on corpus hierarchy or connections between Entrati family etc .

    Please give some informations about these topics
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Syndicate Medallion spawns on the new Corpus ships have been broken since they were introduced way back in June. They spawn inside walls and under floors. Any idea when this will be fixed?


Drop rate for rare necramech mods are still pretty bad. Will they be reviewed again when we are closer to the second mech being released? 


Edit: also, could we get enemy radar working on mechs? leveling them is unfun enough without having to hunt down things to kill. 

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Since you're showing off a new mech, have you guys taken any of the mech feedback so far into account? Especially the things like lack of vacuum and how difficult they are to heal/repair? If so, how do you intend to improve mechs going forward? If not, why not?

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