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Working From Home: Devstreams (Sept 18)

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Objective Healing is currently in a not good state, is there ANY chance you'll get around to revisiting it?

100hp/s over 5 seconds when initial objective health and enemy damage scale with level is not cutting it.

Also, why do you love cats so much?  Vulpaphyla are far and away superior to the Predasites considering how often a pet is downed, and then you tied the loyalty system into the predasites as well, meaning they lose damage for dying too much, while the Vulpaphyla laugh in their pseudo immortality, and do not lose damage because of 3 pats-per-day interaction that is shared by all the doggos.

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19 hours ago, Zahnny said:

Hello. Regarding the Helminth system, is there any plans or intentions to add more abilities to it? (besides new Warframes being released) Such as a second wave of abilities, requiring subsuming a warframe a specific second time or to gradually see about easing some Warframes into it on a case by case basis?

Don't give them any ideas. I don't want to have to farm frames like Nidus, Harrow or Grendel a third time or I'll go literally insane!

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1. Are we ever going to get more zaw strikes or kitgun barrels? 

2. Can we have either A, more available resources that can be used for bile, or B, have less bile needed in the helminth system. It's rather annoying to farm it just to keep subsuming warframes and put something like pull on a warframe?

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With the "Marked for Death" dead, finisher frames like Ash were left to gather dust again as the usage rate of this frame is low and most Ash mains were delighted to the marked for death ability before the changes but now he could use some good treatment and some good augment (like Smoke Shadow being part of his Smokescreen rather than an augment)

Do you have any plans to give Ash some love?

This frame is underrated and is being overshadowed by most frames (except his damage dealing capabilities due to his passive)

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1 hour ago, Philososaur said:

1. Are we ever going to get more zaw strikes or kitgun barrels? 

2. Can we have either A, more available resources that can be used for bile, or B, have less bile needed in the helminth system. It's rather annoying to farm it just to keep subsuming warframes and put something like pull on a warframe?

I for one would welcome a glaive or even a split-sword zaw. 😁

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Is there a fix coming for Host preping mission too quickly, upon spawning back in the Orbitor? This causes the upper-left Squad list and Mission accept prompt to be disabled.

What is up with Mag's Magnetize? There have been times where the only person that dies is the target (until the Duration ends and explodes). Everyone else gets lifted up over the equator of the bubble.

Why can Zephyr's Turbulance blow away high velocity projectiles but not Flamethrowers or grenades?

Text overlays not going away: Teammate needs you at Friendship door; Nighwave Menu pop-ups; Riven Menu pop-ups.

Health on Defection refugees being hard to understand.

Part A: Is it just me or is there a discrepancey between animation collision and hitbox collision on some projectile weapons (Panthera, for example)? Projectile Speed seems to attempt to make this less noticeable.

Part B: Will there be something happening with projectile portrail? Right now, the projectiles are shot from some distance to the right and behind the location of the Warframe/Weapon. Will there be something happening to make weapons fire from the front of the gun to the reticle?

Parts A and B may be related due to a very, very low accuracy at small object at very close range (shooting a camera while standing directly under it).

Thank you for your time,


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Additional bugs/issues/questions
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Don't get me wrong, the ensmallening is nice. The universal skins appreciated, and a few of the changes are appreciates.


However it seems you go out of your way to antagonize the playerbase, then come out bawwing and crying at how mean we are when we are sick of you fiberwagging at how 'your feedback is in bad faith' or acting like you are preserving choice by nerfing things into the ground, and then blatantly ignoring changes we want because things bork.

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Am 16.9.2020 um 21:18 schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

Don’t miss a deep dive into Helminth Stats, too! We are looking forward to seeing you there, Tenno!

So far we have seens two small buffs to abilities but already 7 rather big nerfs, most recently completely gutting marked for death. In a stream after tennocon rebecca said that there will be buffs for a number of weak abilities. As it stands a more honest statement would have been to say "there will be quite a few nerfs to some abilities". What will be done about that?

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Could something possibly be done about Sentinel survivability? With the Juno Elite Crewmen, changes to electric procs, and now the various Deimos infested, it feels like every major update this year has been specifically trying to make the little drones die.

No, an ability that has to replace one of the player's existing ones (and lock out any other Helminth options in the process) is not a fix.

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14 hours ago, Thawfoot said:

Glass maker... great glad to see your moving forward with this

and i realize that the "WorkatHome" thing has been a problem for this season

making it run longer then it was expected to and thanks for all your hard work in this new environment 😁

But can we please address the other problem this has caused...mainly the cap In prestige levels

Creating this


Please add more "prestige" levels

I do like the daily task and weekly bounties

but as it stands  ..at lvl 90.. its pointless

maybe i,m naive but i really couldn't imagine it would that hard to raise the "prestige cap" high enough to match the longer run time or "endless"


I thought of something last night after I saw this;

What if you tied Nightwave creds to every act in addition to some rank ups?

Daily acts, upon completion could reward you 5 creds for a particular nightwave series after you finish the mission (Or immediately if you're in the orbiter / Relay, etc.);

Weekly acts could reward you 10 creds each;

& Elite Weekly acts, which often may be a bit of a real challenge depending on how prepared you are, can reward a whole 15 creds each!

  • This would / should resolve things for those who felt or have said in the past that there's no incentive (Or equivalent statement, like calling it chorewave (As an example)), because with this everyone should be able to get a sizeable amount of creds per week. By completing a full week of acts (All daily acts (Up to 7 I think), about 5 weekly acts, and 2 Elite Weekly acts (Or more if you have an act from a previous week)), a player could potentially get 90-100 Nightwave creds!
    • As far as a further "incentive" goes, the viewpoint on that would differ from person to person of course. But with all those creds, one could buy at least 10,000 Kuva per week, or multiple alt helmets, a Catalyst or Reactor and save up for the opposite in the following week, and so on. I believe it would benefit many people to have that option.
    • For those who don't actually need all that, they can just save up their creds and sell them for regular credits after the end of the series (A single legacy Nightwave cred is worth 5,000 credits if I recall correctly)! That would be a pretty decent payday (Up to nearly 100 per week until the end of a series, or just after they get all that they want from Nora's wares).
    • If this were to be implemented, it could open up a couple of rank up reward spaces for other legacy rewards, like the Saturn Six Pen. scene (Rather than additional sets of 50 creds)! That being said, I'm not sure what should be done in the event someone already owns a cosmetic item and earn a second copy of that thing. Maybe then they could receive current-series creds?
      • One example being the Liset Athari skin, which came from restoring the Strata relay. Not only was it obtained from there, but I temporarily had a second one from Nightwave intermission 2, too. I recall seeing and hearing of other duplicate-cosmetic scenarios from others as well back then.


Granted, I can see how it may feel like a chore to some, but I've enjoyed getting some stuff done on Nightwave on the weeks that I can work on it since it was first introduced. I'm not sure if it can be implemented in this season, but hopefully at least in the third intermission, if possible. Could it work @[DE]Rebecca?

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As always here is my list of questions:

Heat of Deimos aka Hawt questions here:

  1. Love the cutscenes when you rank up but mini-quests when?
  2. Sun and Moon boss fight when?
  3. More necramechs conemen when?
  4. Fixing outrageous cost of some of helminth resources WHEN?

Nemesis aka Kingpin aka Lich system Railjack questions here:

  1. WHEN will you bring the original lich system? Even Mashed animation has it...
  2. No more RNG stats when? This is ridiculous and sad at the same time. 😞
  3. RJ enemies having normal stats when?
  4. Modular archwing when?
  5. Modular archwing abilities when?
  6. Un-nerf arch-guns when?
  7. Different spaceships when?
  8. AI instead of brain-dead Tennos WHEN?
  9. No overheat WHEN?
  10. RJ revisited part deux WHEN?

TennoCon 2019 questions:

  1. New sys req for Warframe when?
  2. Horseback riding when?
  3. Planes of Kojima when?
  4. Corpus, Infested, Corrupted, and Sentient kuva leeches when?

Nora Night questions:

  1. Nora playing some music as a DJ when? This is the perfect occasion to put Tenno Tunes vol. 1, 2 and 3 (Soon™ vol. 4) into the game! 😄
  2. Clem talk show when?
  3. Warframe podcasts in radio when?
  4. Konzu Coast to Coast talk show when?

New frames questions:

  1. Frame components as rewards for said meaningful quests when?

Fortuna questions:

  1. Tony Hawk's Skateboarding soundtrack when?
  2. Jet Set Radio spraying mechanics when?
  3. Mini-quests when? Please add mini-quests or meaningful bounties for Fortuna. We want to do more than bounties.
  4. Third orb mother activation when? Exploiter and Water orb heists when?
  5. No more cooldown for arch-guns when?
  6. Arch-guns not sucking when?
  7. More raknoids when?
  8. Raknoid mount when?

PoE questions:

  1. Archwing fashionframe when?
  2. Sentient transporter when?
  3. Archwing secondaries when?
  4. Archwing melee stances when?
  5. Prime fishing rod when?
  6. Extractors working on PoE like any other planet when? (I have a very sad distilling extractor prime)
  7. Vendor selling rugs when?
  8. PoE mini-quests when? (For example: catch alive that big fish in the coast for 10k-20k mastery, or find a mine rich with ore, or a kid lost his pet Condroc and you need to find it)

Questions from previous devstream topic:

  1. Friendly fire when? Radiation from sorties isn't enough.
  2. Tonkor's grenades bounciness revert when?
  3. Tonkor revert back to previous crit chance when?

Some serious questions:

  1. MR30 and beyond, what is your idea and when?
  2. Sentient invasions when? - We are almost there.
  3. Baro when?
  4. Tenno grenade launcher when?
  5. Kuva boss when?
  6. Stances for primary weapons when? You know you want it 😄
  7. Mutagen Sample drop chance equal to that of Fieldron Sample or Detonite Ampule when?
  8. Lore events (like mutation of Salad V) incorporated into quest system when?
  9. TennoGen items for plat when?
  10. Different defence missions when? For example use the "defending the colony" type of mission for some of the Corpus dark sector nodes.
  11. Boss taunting us throughout planet's nodes when? I really loved when sometimes Zombie Salad V appeared in exterminate on Eris (and yet you fixed it).
  12. Lotus talking about boss during missions when?
  13. Ordis quest when?
  14. John Prodman quest when?
  15. Zephyr Deluxe Skin when?
  16. Second Clem quest when? Also waiting for "The Clem Within" quest.
  17. Phorid rework when?
  18. Phorid boss arena rework when?
  19. Tenno space program unfix when?
  20. Different enemies based on planets and bosses when? (partially done thanks to remasters)
  21. Misery when?
  22. IPS changes when?
  23. What killed me message when?
  24. Khora getting her whip instead of Strangledome when?
  25. Tricking game into thinking we play with more players in solo mode for increased spawns when? Partially answered. I will leave this one here.
  26. Fixing endless modes for solo players when? Same as above.
  27. Hydroid and Zephyr Prime trailers WHEN? ❤️ ❤️ The meme is dead - long live the meme! Now with Zephyr!
  28. Private servers for mods other then conclave WHEN?
  29. Rework of session creating and network connection WHEN?
  30. Limbo and Chroma Prime trailers WHEN?
  31. Itzal Prime WHEN??
  32. Mesa Prime trailer WHEN?
  33. Operator void-powered blade arm WHEN?
  34. Equinox Prime trailer WHEN?
  35. Wukong Prime trailer WHEN?
  36. Atlas Prime trailer WHEN?
  37. Ivara Prime trailer WHEN?
  38. Blast damage from Kuva liches' weapons when?
  39. Combo multiplier not decaying so fast WHEN?
  40. RAGE mechanic when?
  41. More Leverian lore WHEN?
  42. Titania and Inaros Prime trailers when?

Questions answered:

  1. Invasion outcome actually changing node's faction when?
  2. Umbra when?
  3. Earth remaster when?
  4. Clan nemesis system when?
  5. Operator interacting with pets when?
  6. Focus changes when?
  7. Tenno shotgun when?
  8. More mandachord sound packs when?
  9. Operative not being stupid when (e.g. going into toxin in sortie kuva defense)? Hey you fixed that before Devstream, not fair!
  10. Wraith weapons/appearance colouring when?
  11. Orbiter's door opposite to infested door opening when?
  12. Other planet remasters when?
  13. A working map of plains when? (Current one is not very functional)
  14. Different Teralyst models when?
  15. Khora when?
  16. Warframe & Operator using two waypoints pls unfix.
  17. Tenno hover bikes when? (Dargyns will are be cool but not "hover bike" cool)
  18. Flying through space with our orbiter when? RAILJACK ❤️ ❤️
  19. Alphonse Elric skin when?
  20. Tricks and leaps of faith for our hoverboard when? ❤️ ❤️
  21. Spider pets when? (Please make cute ones just like jumping spiders with hats made of water droplets) ❤️ ❤️ (more likely then the pet below)
  22. Bird companion when (we need one for Pirate-Tentacle Prime)?
  23. Orb killing when?
  24. Tonkor's grenades exploding on impact with enemies when?
  25. No more holding fire to aim with Tonkor when?
  26. Very BIG indicator where the grenades are when? At least now it's almost idiot-proof.
  27. Tonkor 6 meter indicator when? Same as above.
  28. Radio chatter being significant when? It needs so much love. OMG!! Thank you for changing radio to Nora Night's auditions! 😄
  29. How long will a series last?
  30. Grineer raknoids when?
  31. Higher toroid drop rate when?
  32. When will you change Cetus arcanes from Bps to fully built ones just like in Fortuna?
  33. Railjack release when? (Before or after New War?)
  34. More archwings when?
  35. Sentient arm gun when?
  36. Loadout E when?
  37. When will you add bonuses to bounties in PoE just like in Fortuna?
  38. Each boss having fancy HP bar when?
  39. When will you make Tonkor great again? Or at least when will you release Prisma Wraith AkTonkor Vandal Prime? Kuva Lich ❤️
  40. Zealoid Prelate back to being boss WHEN?
  41. Melee 3.0 WHEN?
  42. Not ridiculous armour and HP scaling of our enemies when?
  43. Pablo appearance during devstream when? (that one with Rebb doesn't count)
  44. New frames having meaningful quests when? (yea, we all know it takes time to make them, but we love to learn more of WF universe)
  45. Better loot from higher lvl enemies when?
  46. Excavation extractor HP and shield lvl scaling when?
  47. Silva & Aegis buff when?
  48. Shield-gating when? Hildryn isn't enough.
  49. Orokin derelict matchmaking when?
  50. Mutagen Sample drop from infested mission nodes when?
  51. New player experience when?
  52. How will new player experience affect Vor in lore?
  53. Nightwave series 3?
  54. Pets 2.0 when?
  55. When will you nerf other "cheesy" frames, focuses and guns (looking at you Inaros, Nidus, Mesa Naramon and Tigris series, plague zaws)?

Keep up the good work! 🙂
But please reconsider at least some changes to Tonkor (you did revert changes made to Sonicor). 🙂

@[DE]Rebecca, pls answer some questions from my list. 🙂

Also a big shoutout to Space Mom for reading and answering my questions! ❤️ ❤️

I crossed out a couple of questions. Thx for WF revised!

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Here's some questions I hope can be answered.

1. Can the effect on zephyr airburst be put on her not just the helmeth system?

2. Is there a possibility that we can go back the the old prime farm? The relic system is to grindy especially if your a working person an just wanna farm what you want. As an old player one ps system since 2012 I had no issue with the old way. The void traces can be used for something else I like the void fissures just not the relic system.

3. Can we get new power strength an power efficiency mods? Frames are becoming more energy reliant or power strength reliant or both an the mods we have had for years are ok but past there time. Having to use blind rage then fleeting expertise to count act the down side the I have to fix the downside to that it's to much formaing then I have to wait for forma to be built please just give use new ones or prime versions like continuity and flow.

4. Please please please 🙏 give veteran players something worth playing with rewards that are actually good an not just cosmetic or a scene. Prizes like a built forma a weapon decent mods. It's not good that everything is so easily access without having to go thru the whole star chart or fix pvp to just be tenno vs tenno or necromech va necromech.

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