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Working From Home: Devstreams (Sept 18)

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On 2020-09-16 at 12:19 PM, Cubewano said:

where did hydroid's fish ephemera go? >:c (looking forward to the stream as always though none the less <3)

edit: also is there any chance our beloved skater boy nezha will get a custom movement animation in the future? considering his design and theme it seems appropriate he'd get to skate around tilesets rather than just run. 

He probably will when his prime comes out if it doesn't that would be lame.


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On 2020-09-16 at 4:09 PM, (NSW)Gamer-Steve said:

Similar to how Titania Prime has her own unique walking / sprinting animation, that skating animation for Nezha could be reserved for his prime! I'm thinking of it working like Shadow the Hedgehog, as an example (Especially leaving that Firewalker trail behind him). As for a Dodging / sliding animation, I'm sure there is a way to have those flow with Nezha Prime's hypothetical skating.


As for Railjack, I wanted to share this here @[DE]Rebecca, in case it helps!

I just thought it might be relevant to those asking about Railjack updates, and this mission type in itself sounds really interesting in my opinion. Of course the Empyrean missions may not be 100% part of this devstream, but when that time comes I hope you'll consider that idea.

Wow thats pretty goood

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1. Necramech Vacuum? It's really hard to pick up loot using the mech, especially since it can't fit in tight places.

2. Moddable Necramech Melee? As it stands, it doesn't do much.

3. Necramech mod drops are still insanely bad. Can we expect an increase in drop rate or more methods to farm them?

4. Necramech Mod Capacity really needs a look at.

5. Modular Archwings when?

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Velocipod Revivification  when ? I want to have a true Velocipod for myself not just fake one. I want to be able to customize it like we can k-drive or Vulpaphyla/Predasite

When next necramech ?

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When doing void fissures I have 2 suggestions to avoid grieving and trolling.

1) To open relics is there a way to make a setting that only allows joins of the same refined level.

For example, if 1 to 3 people have a Radiant relic only random joins  with Radiants themselves, will be able to join.

Or if the host calls a radshare, for example, all players need to have a radiant relic loaded before the mission will start. Functionally, like the mission start parameters of shorties. 

2) There is a glitch on the NSW where if 3 people mark ready it will sometimes "force-start" the 4th person whether they are ready or not.  The fix to this might be internal, however to mitigate the human error aspect, I suggest a two button combination to start missions.  Maybe press the right and left shoulder buttons simultaneously. This separates the start button combination from the select button.  The human error portion seems to occur because the same button is used to select, start, and force start. 

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