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[Sotr Concepts] Warframe: Warlock, The Accursed!


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Introducing a warframe themed around "curses" and debuffs of the enemy! Even better, he synergizes with debuffs, meaning Silence is actually worth something! I released it as a Halloween warframe, but tis not really just that, so don't disregard him/her!


So without further gilding the lily, and with no more ado, I give to you Warlock/Witch!

A grim presence on the battlefield, Warlock is tolerated for his ability to alter the battlefield by his mere presence. He can disrupt the balance and coordination of his enemies, and make even the boldest of foes wish for a quick death with psychic tortures so vile even Nyx will not speak of them. By turning the abilities of his foes against themselves, he can sow discord in even disciplined forces, and even fate seems to side with the Tenno when he is on the field, as bad luck and ill fortune assaults his foes.

We have no thoughts on Warlock’s method of acquisition at this time.


Waver (25): This curse affects the balance of its victims by disrupting their inner ear or gyroscopic mechanisms. Affected units are rendered clumsy and vulnerable, although stationary units are better able to brace themselves against its effects. As with all Curses, it is targeted on a single enemy, and applies the debuff to foes in a relatively large radius around them.

Curse Application Radius X meters

Stagger Chance per Tick X/X/X/X% (1/4 to stationary)

Duration X/X/X/X seconds

This curse is highly effective against melee enemies. Note that an ancient in its special charge attack counts as stationary for resistance purposes. The curse probably applies the stagger on a tick-timer of three to five seconds, and caps out at around 60%, or 15% for stationary units.

Suggested Curse Radius: 10-15 meters


Rebound (50): This curse causes abilities used by its victims to backfire, affecting themselves and their nearby allies. Bosses are able to overcome this effect, but the power surge required results in minor overload damage and interferes with their targeting, resulting in an ability that can harm their fellows as well as the Tenno. As with all Curses, it is targeted on a single enemy, and applies the debuff to foes in a moderate radius around them.

Curse Application Radius X meters

Rebound Radius (Units) X/X/X/X meters

Overload Damage (Bosses) 5-10%

Duration X/X/X/X


Obviously this ability has no effect on many units… or does it? Turns out it still has a purpose due to a synergy with Warlock’s ultimate, but more on that later. Otherwise, it mostly serves to make Heavy units less annoying and add some slight damage output to more ability-heavy bosses like Lech Kril or Vor, while making them liable to kill their minions while trying to attack you (Vor’s mines, for example, would be a handy ability to use Rebound on).

Suggested Curse Radius: About 6 meters


I realize that one of the Glaive mods is called Rebound. I personally have always felt a better name for that mod would be Ricochet—Rebound sounds like it would do the same thing as Quick Return…


Oblivion (75): This curse is the vilest of Warlock’s abilities, for its victims cannot die. When their health is reduced to zero, further damage to them is instead applied to all enemies in a small radius around them as their life force is sucked through the unfortunate into the nether. This sustaining but painful effect adds a minor damage over time component to those in that same radius--including Warlock and his fellows. When there is nothing living to steal life from in that radius, the unfortunate is consumed entirely by the curse, following its fellows into oblivion. As with all Curses, it is targeted on a single enemy, and applies the debuff to foes in a small radius around them.

Curse Application Radius X meters

Life Drain Radius X/X/X/X meters

Minor DPS 3

Duration X/X/X/X

The affected units, even when “dead,” will continue to attack and behave normally. The small life-drain aura follows them, so the effect ends whenever there is nothing there to sustain them, be that because they were killed or are just no longer in the radius. Invisible Tenno are affected by the minor drain if inside the effect. Units cursed by oblivion can draw health from other units cursed with oblivion, but only if said unit is not yet below zero health and in the “dead” state.

Suggested Curse Radius: Around 3 or 4 meters


Misfortune (100): This curse, to the superstitious, seems to turn fate itself against Warlock’s foes. For each other debuff upon an affected unit, a small amount of damage is dealt per second, and the curses themselves are amplified as their morale is murdered. As with all Curses, it is targeted on a single enemy, and applies the debuff to foes in a huge radius around them.

Curse Application Radius X meters

DoT per Debuff X/X/X/X

Debuff Amplification 10-15%

Duration X/X/X/X

A full list of abilities that qualify as debuffs or curses:

Silence, Radial Blind, Freeze, Snow Globe, Bullet Attractor, Terrify, Molecular Prime, Chaos, Rhino Stomp, Venom, Well of Life, Energy Vampire, Link, Waver, Rebound, and Oblivion

This way Silence on Banshee will actually see some use, maybe? It certainly makes some lackluster abilities more useful with the synergy, and we might see some more Radial Blind use as well. Venom and Well too, perhaps. But most of all, I love the synergy with his own abilities, makes him an interesting build.

Suggested Curse Radius: 20 meters (typical of ults)


HP: 75 (225)

SHIELDS: 125 (375)

ENERGY: 150 (225)



AURA: Support (-)

POLARITIES: Support (-) and Damage (V)


TL;DR - Warlock is a frame based upon curses that debuff and harm the enemy, with strong utility and synergy with others


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How is this like Nekros? Nekros has his terrify, which could be a 'curse,' but they are otherwise not related in any way. They're both a bit on the morbid side but that's hardly a compelling similarity when any number of ideas could also be that way.


Comparing Warlock/Witch to Nekros is just silly.

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Nekros is a warframe designed around death, this is a warframe designed around curses, nekros is a fragile pet fanatic, this is a support cannon, this was designed in the spirit of halloween, by you saying nekros you are claiming we are copying nekros and as fan concept designers this is basically you bashing our intelligence.

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Clarified the synergies with his ultimate, Misfortune. Its designed to work with debuffs in general, and because of this some Vauban/Loki abilities were removed from the list because they aren't really debuffs, but traps... specifically, all of Vauban's abilities and Loki's ult.


Would be nice to have a synergy that makes Silence and Radial Blind actually useful, and Venom more so. Venom is especially nice with Misfortune, due to the way it spreads around.

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Have you thought of having oblivion root the "dead" enemies to their kill location as a kind of life drain totem. Or possibly add in a miss chance to their attacks. "The pain of death denied is to overwhelming to accurately strike at one's murderer." or something. Just passing on some ideas because for a support/debuff type this frame really intrigues me.

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