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Void Status is Unable to proc in Vortex/Larva

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      I was thinking of adding a pseudo-magbubble on Vauban by adding Xata's whisper to him. but apparently while under the effects of vortex enemies can not be affected by the Void status effect. Since Void status kinda prevents you from getting headshots this would have been maybe the best way to use it. Tested again with Nidus(did not put Xata's whisper on him, but used AMP) and experienced the same issue. its not like its actually unable to proc but void status is like disabled while enemies are affected by Larva/Vortex, since if i use my amp with 1 sec left on Larva they will have the void proc but not when i attack, rather when Larvas duration ends.

     I do not know if this was intended or its a bug. I have looked over the wiki and have not seen any mention of not being able to proc in such conditions, but if its intended it kinda kills the only cool interaction i could have thought of using void damage for.

    If someone has some information that i did not know/got wrong, please feel free to share.

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I had this same idea with Vauban since it seemed like a natural and effective interaction, and was also disappointed when I realized it doesn't work. I'd love some explanation for this. My guess is that it doesn't apply to ragdolled enemies. I checked and it does work as expected with Ensnare, producing a similar effect, but I'm pretty sure it would be stronger using Nidus or Vauban meatballs.

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