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Screenshots Fix And Needed


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we need an option in, well, options, as well as the function added in the first place, to take SS directly from the game.


i have steam and raptr both running and BOTH use F6 to take an SS and BOTH save to their own respective folders in my pictures. in order for me to effectively take one, i need to prt scrn and paste it to paint / gimp and expor / save as


this is horribly ineffective and needs a fix.

ijs, DE, ijs


and trust me, i've tried changing keys, save locations, using their default keys, changing which of my 2 monitors the raptr desktop widget runs on (was on secondary, set it to primary with no change), etc etc etc.

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yes i have. and i can't be an exception (or the only) when i don't actually USE steam.

besides, why would it be inefficient when every other game i play (or have recently) has had their own SS feature? i'm sorry, but i find it odd that this game doesn't have one. ehh but then again, look at the rest of the options... mediocre quality graphics as a whole, covered by over-done "bloom" .. hell, my cyborg FREQ 5 headset mic doesn't even work with this game.. would also be nice to have the option to select the hardware i want to use, as opposed to it just assuming i'm using XYZ port on my pc -.-


the raptr widget will SS on occasion, but it seems like it's only when IT feels like it. only works in game (not in menus, star map, etc etc), but doesn't always work

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I would like to see an in game SS feature, as well, in addition an option to hide UI's for a clean SS, and a zoom out feature for group pics and what not.


Though SS is probably only utilized by a handful of players, its a great tool for those who must document in-game activity frequently, as a guild leader in a number of games, i often use SS to help keep track of vital areas on a map, provide visual aid during guild briefings, banner creation for guild sites, and introducing the game to a social network. Though it can be done without a dedicated in-game feature, having one is just convenient.

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