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Heart of Deimos: Update 29.1.0

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I played after release every day and not one yes not one random loby player used Mark of Death, it was niche ability, I don't think anyone would use this version now. Since range is not so huge you could just jump into fray and deal more damage with your melee than preparing for single shot.

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Mausolon is safe for now yay!

But I'm disappointed that Bile issue is still not fixed - this honestly discourages me to use Helminth system until some rebalance, because I know that you will never compensate those ridiculous amounts of resources that we are wasting,

Also  it's just me or client actually 40 GB in size now (wasn't it like 35 or something?). I know about part 1 phase but I expected to have at least same size client, not bigger.

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vor 3 Minuten schrieb Javrendei:

Mausolon is safe for now yay!

But I'm disappointed that Bile issue is still not fixed - this honestly discourages me to use Helminth system until some rebalance, because I know that you will never compensate those ridiculous amounts of resources that we are wasting,

Also  it's just me or client actually 40 GB in size now (wasn't it like 35 or something?). I know about part 1 phase but I expected to have at least same size client, not bigger.

He is having fun with Mausolon?

Nerf it. 

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5 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Find both the Snake Necramech Sigil and the Snake Voidrig Skin with the Necraloid Syndicate for Platinum in the Necralisk!

... I really hope that's a typo, otherwise it's really unnecessary to put plat cosmetics into standing shop...

Sadly it wasn't a typo:

Besides, 40p for a Sigil is way too much, especially when you see it next to skin for just 60p...

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SO On Xaku.. Changes seems promising.. But Deny still wont be use.. Why makes forced synergies that barely help the skill at all.. At least the other 2 are useful.. (one is nice CC the other is boosted damage) ...  Grasp of Lohk.. .Why the hell the range changes doesnt apply to both.. It doesnt make sense at all.. Stop being so full of fear about it.. The damage isnt even overbearing.. We dont want to be near enemies so that the things fire.. Come on DE you are better than that.. Vast Untime Seems a cool addition.. Xaku number 1 damage boost is still so pitiful even with a high amount of strenght. It is litterally worse than Subsumed ROar and makes headshot harder ?

Marked for Death is essentially now DEADDDDD (I did see it coming, hence why i never invested into it ) ... You like  quadruple nerfed it ... You could just have removed the double DIP modding (nerf no.1 )and it would have been fine.. Now you added a DMG75%  (nerf no.2) so even if you kill the heavy gunner you will probably not even kill the light units.. You also made it not crit .. (nerf no 3.). Arcane trickery .. It was a well know interaction with some frames for a long time (well before MFD) but it seems you never catch all the interactions ... RIP MFD .. Again for UNinTenDeD interactions...

Conservation changes for Avichea are super nice... BUT the tags number are just downright not balanced at all compared to other conservation ... So make it balanced.. Why i need 3 rares species for 1 token,.. when 4 common could give me 1 .. because yeah it happens

Fishing changes are super welcomed.. nothing to add there

Necramech changes are alright ....... BUTTTTTT.. The only thing that matters is not even modified... ABSURD low drop rates for the mod. Again you are not listening

Now on the Helminth.... You are still being stupid stubborn on Changing Bile cost ressources or adding new ressources.. Bile is super hard to get by... like quite a lot.. But the ressources needed number are stupid... RJ ressources cost are too high .. 1/5 of them would be alright .. but yeah stubbornness from you.. All the content creators agree on that.. 

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1 час назад, anfuerudo сказал:

Oh, come on! Those skins look great, but it's such a shame they are not universal. Make them universal. Please!

Okay, so as I learned they are universal-ish. Meaning they work with the majority of rifles, but not all of them. And they don't work with primary kitguns, although, hopefully, that will come at some point in the future.

Finally we've got some good universal skins.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Radial damage was never meant to exceed the target’s Health and this was our bad. The desired strategy we wanted was players prioritizing tank units like Heavy Gunners to do AOE clears since heavy units have more Health than normal, thus the radial AOE would likely be lethal, not just normal units. This issue combined with numerous bugs of Mods stacking meant this was way over powered. A key part of reviewing these changes will be ensuring that players understand the best case scenario we envision for the power is targeting high-Health enemies to do radial damage to weaker enemies. 

Here we go again. Trademark UnInTeNdEd InTeRaCtIoNs excuse, disguising nerfs as BuG FiXeS. 

Just delete Helminth already. I say this as one who has invested a lot in it. And really looked forward to it. And was hoping to fool around with it more. I have subsumed one warframe per day since I installed my Helminth (which was 3-4 days after Deimos launched). I've reached rank 10 on the system.. Infused abilities on a good number of frames. Run into the Bile Wall. But screw it. Developers, just delete Helminth system. I don't even care if you don't give a refund. I can see how this will end up.

Next patch: More nerfs guised as bug fixes and unintended interactions. 

Patch after that: More nerfs guised as bug fixes and unintended interactions. More and more. Going through the checklist of things people have found to be powerful or fun or cool, or whatever happened to go viral and thus becoming meta because *insert favorite youtuber* posted videos about that ability. Until the extra warframes we built to subsume, and resources we spent on it feels completely not worth it. Just rip the band-aid off, delete Helminth and pretend it all didn't happen. Treat it as a bad dream. Why give us this pandora's box of possibilities and synergies just to systematically ruin our fun and trash it with your nerfs? 


EDIT; Also, sometimes, players discovering interesting interactions and unorthodox ways to nuke things, means they found an ADDITIONAL CHOICE when it comes to powerful options within the game. MfD was not the strongest/fastest option, though yes, it was pretty strong and ADDED an option. I have seen you all nerf the meta on the basis on "give players more options". But you contradict yourselves when you delete a strong option, now you REDUCE the choices again to back with the previous meta.

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Necramech still has no fix for lost bonus affinity on host migration!

Necramech modding
Necramech has 12 mod slots, a 50% increase over anything else, with no stance slot, etc to provide an added boost.

Max capacity with an Orokin Reactor is 60, that is an average of 5 capacity per slot.

Even if you still a forma in every single slot you can't max it out.
There are:

  • 2 mods at max 7 (forma'd 4 capacity) Fury, Reach
  • 8 mods at max 9 (forma'd 5 capacity) Blitz, Continuity, Hydraulics, Pressure Point, Refuel, Streamline, Stretch, Thrusters,
  • 5 mods at max 11 (forma'd 6 capacity) Intensify, Seismic Wave, Slipstream, Steel Fiber, Vitality
  • 1 mod at max 14 (forma'd 7 capacity) Redirection

If you slot maxed redirection at all you cannot fit ANY maxed mods requiring 6 capacity and fill every spot.

Increase Necramech base capacity by 20, OR Increase max rank to 40, or slot 2x Orokin Reactors:
Necramech needs a new approach with the 50% increase in slots available.

Increasing the base capacity by only 10 still means using 12 forma (?!?!?) for a heavy loadout with 70 capacity

- Redirection (forma'd 7), 5@6 (forma'd), 6@5 (forma'd)  = 67 capacity

Increasing max rank to 40 (like Kuva weapons) or increasing base capacity, still means using up to 9 forma for a heavy loadout with 80 capacity

- Redirection (forma'd 7), 5@6 (forma'd), 3@5 (forma'd), 3@9, = 79 capacity

Slotting 2x Orokin Reactors to raise capacity to 90 means you still need up to 7 forma:
- Redirection (forma'd 7), 5@6 (forma'd), 5@9, 1@8 = 90 capacity

Looks like allowing the fitting of 2x Orokin Reactors is the best, most balanced solution

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19 minutes ago, IamLoco said:

DE, with all respect, but you need to work on your quality control.

You NEED to stop releasing content that is "not working as intended" and then take it away later when a lot of "early adopters" have used their time and ressources - and even real money (to buy boosters) to get the stuff you released.

For instance, how did you NOT see how overpowered a Kuva Bramma was before release? Did you test it once? And now that you´ve nerfed it into the ground, you release the Trumna, which performs almost identical to the bramma on its alternate fire. Will you nerf this, too?

Giving the Arquebex a 9th mod slot... and then taking it away. How did you NOT see it? Did it turn out to be too powerful, so you just claim it was never "intended"? We´re not stupid, guys.

Nerfing "Marked for Death" - again to a degree that people will just stop using it (stop putting CAPS on everything!) is again a total failure. Test the stuff BEFORE release. Ask the community to beta test it for some ingame rewards. I am sure you will have more people applying than you can handle. But stop releasing broken content just to nerf it later. Stop abusing your playerbase as betatesters.

I already "smelled" the incoming nerf to M4D and thus didn´t invest into creating an expensive forma intense build, including a formaed hammer that I never used before. I personally skipped the trap, but many people had fun with it and again you slap them in the face.

You guys have created an awesome game, that is mostly free to play (mostly, because it´s not "really" free to play if you don´t want to hit brick walls constantly, aka slot capacity etc.).

And Warframe is also currently my most beloved game. I love it!

But the trend of releasing untested content with corresponding nerfs is unbearable. Was it a mistake to invest into a necramech? Will it be useless in a months time? We can´t tell.



This is an open beta, we are the testers... sadly.
But yes I 100% agree with you

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Just now, Javrendei said:

... rebalance, because I know that you will never compensate those ridiculous amounts of resources that we are wasting, ...

it's impossible to compensate for the loss of meaning that those players who finally got a resource sink (and therefore can see meaning to what they had accumulated - the ultimate answer to the riddle of what it meant to accumulate n quantities of resource xyz over all the years) would experience if the costs were lowered.

destruction of this meaning and structure in their experience can't be compensated, refunded, restituted by any means.

so you spent 100k cryotic more than you would have under the new costs, and you could be refunded this amount but... what does 100k cryotic mean? it means nothing

these players want to spend their cryotic, they don't want to have cryotic. they don't want the stupid cryotic, they want the meaning, the catarthic feeling, the satisfaction, that came from finally being able to spend it. 

that's how very experienced players saw the system and that is what was delivered.

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