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Heart of Deimos: Update 29.1.0

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Just tested Xaku in the Sortie. The changes are steps in the right direction, Xaku is now actually fun to be play and the ult is useful.

However, a few major issues remain to be fixed:

  • Void status procs are still detrimental due to them turning headshots into bodyshots, and generally not stacking. People have posted lots of good ideas, just do something with it that is not an actual disadvantage for us.
  • Accuse needs to become recastable in the same way as Grasp of Lohk (i.e. new cast replaces the effect of the previous one). Especially now that The Vast Untime halts the timer, it means you cannot accuse new targets for a very long times as long as even one of them is still alive.
  • Base range of Accuse and Gaze must be increase by 50%, right now range mods are still mandatory to make these ability useful to begin with.
  • Gaze armor strip needs to be increased to 70% default value. Right now it takes multiple power strength mods to reach 100% here, which is the only meaningful threshold, and all other similar abilites do 70% by default for the same reason. Otherwise, Xaku builds become too restrictive especially also in light of the need for power range mods in addition to power strength.
  • Please make the infested overgrowth on from Xata's Whisper an option in the Arsenal. Many players, myself included, hate the look of it, which also makes this ability much less desirable as a subsumed ability in the Helminth.
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55 minutes ago, MajedTheShrewd said:

If anyone's game launcher get deleted or blocked do to the anti-virus here how to fix it :

1- Download fresh game installer from https://content.warframe.com/dl/Warframe.msi

2- Use 7-zip to extract "LauncherEXE" from warframe.msi to warframe folder "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Warframe\Tools"

3- Rename LauncherEXE to Launcher.EXE

4- Run the game.

What does one do if the Warframe.exe file is removed from steam? The warframe.x64 file is still there. The update keeps screwing up. I had the same problem when deimos first came out.

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DE, there's still a pair of things regarding the Necramech that need to be addressed:
1, and most important: Transference from Necramech to Excalibur Umbra while he is roaming causes a lock that can only be removed via host migration, 'dying' (Umbra goes to T-pose) or quitting the lobby.
To replicate:
-Equip Umbra.
-Go to Landscape.
-Transfer out of Umbra.
-Spawn Necramech. Transfer into Necramech.
-Transfer from Necramech to Umbra.
-You are now incapable of controlling Umbra as he is still in his Specter/roaming mode, and incapable of using Transference due to unnecessary nullification of powers.
To resolve:
-Mark Umbra's roaming state as 'non-Transferable' in terms of Transference, meaning the Operator pops out of the Necramech as intended.
2: Crouching has no movement mode. I have an idea.
To replicate:
-Spawn Necramech, transfer to Necramech.
-Attempt to walk, charge, shoot, or use powers, when crouched.
To resolve:
-Add thruster effects and allow for a 50% movement speed, with slight hover. Reference to Bursas when they're in 'vehicle mode' (shields facing forward). 
-Add gun arm movement to allow weapon to remain pointed when firing in this mode.
-Resolving this allows the Necramech to get through doors and most small areas on tilesets, making it more viable for Tileset integration.
2a: Archweapons for Necramechs?

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2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:


Jump into the future with the high-tech style of the Oscira Collection. Includes the Oscira Armor, Sugatra and Syananda. Plus, Bo, Braton, Kunai, Lato, Paris and Skana Skin.


All of these can be purchased outside of the Bundle/Collection:












*Edit: Corrected the Oscira weapon skin names. Originally they were dedicated to the new player starter weapons, but we then changed them to be universal Staff, Pistol, Thrown Blade, Rifle, Bow, and Longsword Skins

Should also correct the in-game Market description to avoid potential buyer confusion, especially the: "Plus, Bo, Braton, Kunai, Lato, Paris and Skana Skin."

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Cool, Ash was a really top tier warframe for about a month and then you guys had to nerf him.  Why is Marked for Death so overpowered when Equinox does pretty much the same thing but on a galactic scale?  Give Ash some love, ffs.

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Thank you for the update and the changes.  I am certainly appreciative of the work that has been put in so far.

That said, I am definitely disappointed that there wasn't even a mention of Helminth bile costs.  Are you going to at least let us know what future plans there are for it?  Because the bile costs are bad.

The rest of the system is great, but the bile costs are really disheartening.

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11 минут назад, Danielw8 сказал:

downloading at 200kb's i think DE servers dying

I have a ping 3. The download speed is 40 Mbps, the upload speed is 60 Mbps. The download speed of  Warframe in Steam - 1.2 Mbps. (oh, and now Steam shows that you need 40 GB of free hard disk space for Warframe)

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profile screen now looks glossy as.. you know what. also why are those primary kitguns grey? do they give mastery now or this is just yet another bug? a placeholder for infested kitguns i assume?

guys, these infested pets are simply kubrows and kavats with a different skin, don't tell me infested kitguns would be yet another reskin with some minor features.

p.s. how to post images now?

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