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Heart of Deimos: Update 29.1.0

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2 hours ago, Isokaze_BestKaze said:

Yet Ash could utterly trivialize Disruption with MFD. Mark a mook, fatal teleport, everything die including the disruption target.

And Saryn/Mesa were lightyears behind that build. Lightyears. It was completely and utterly broken. Even Khora requires you to build your whipclaws and combo for her 1.


Seriously, the simple fact that Tesla Bank was the same ability, but weaker and requiring an augment should have rang alarm bells in your heads. MFD was too strong.

It's funny how you consider trivialising Disruption is broken.... Oh so I use naramon dash through enemy and make them permanently locked in finisher animation is not broken? Saryn and Mesa can kill target whenever they want, have bigger range, and doesn't require the target to have a finisher animation, you do realised Ash can't use finisher on most infested right? I'm just saying... 

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Any plans on improving the necramech battles by making their damage calculation consistent across both host and clients, properly displaying where the slow field is, and removing the damage reflection that punishes you for trying to counter the infinitely spamming invulnerability shield?

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5 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed rare case of a player's Warframe ceasing to exist after Transferring into a Necramech, resulting in an inability to Transference back into your Warframe.

Thank hell this was changed. This happened to me twice while it was around. It looked like you entered bleedout as an operator on the client side.

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Grasp of Lohk: 

Should add weapons to the currently held weapons, instead of replacing with the new cast. 

Should be able to sinergize with other warframe abilities that also disarm enemies, being able to pick up all weapons that have been taken by other warframes (except other xaku).

Mesa, Loki, etc. would make more weapons available to cast. 

Should be able to pick weapons from corpses.

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With Marked for Death now in the wild and being experimented with, it was apparent to not be working as intended by overwhelmingly nuking enemies left, right, and center when combined with certain loadouts and due to certain bugs.

I really for the life of me cannot figure out how you guys didn't see this coming from a mile away with an ability like this.

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1 minute ago, AdvisorZ said:

This is the rare time I've read all the posts in the patch note for so long. And I understand why I don't do this more often ... 24 pages. 24. All 24 pages are incessant whining about M4D (from time to time they talk about how bad Ash is). "Without M4D Warframe is not a Warframe. Without M4D Helminth is not needed, take it out of the game!" etc. Omg ... This is as pathetic as possible ... And disgusting.

 I destroy 150+ levels with Ash WITHOUT ANY THE SMALLEST PROBLEMS (Exceptions are bosses and mini-bosses on which his 4 does not work, because they have disabled the mechanics of receiving slash damage). On click.  But weaklings lack the skills and intelligence to do this. And so they DEMAND (they do not ask. Demand) to be introduced to them abilities and warframes that will destroy the entire map in one shot.

It's funny because I can afk level 1000, I'm not gonna say how I do it, not with Octavia either, I'm just gonna let that fact sink into you and how you consider stuffs "broken" from now on...

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6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Xaku’s Passive: 

  • Including AOE damage reduction as part of Xaku’s Passive. 

    • How it will work: AOE damage will simply take a 25% damage reduction (75% while The Vast Untime is active).

    • Currently, Xaku’s Passive provides a chance that incoming projectiles will fail to hit the warframe at all, instead going right through. But does not include any protection from enemy AOE damage. For example, if a Bombard shot a rocket at Xaku, the projectile itself would have a 25% chance to pass through them and deal no damage (75% with The Vast Untime), but the explosion following would have the full effect. With this change, Xaku’s Passive additionally grants them 25% damage reduction on the following AOE explosion from that rocket. That’s increased to 75% when Xaku is running around bare bones!

Hello Xaku main here. I have tested these Xaku changes and i have some feedback. I may not be "Verified 6 forma" but I am one of the few players with Xaku with top 3 in time played and who has selected them as main by having them shown off in my orbiter's personal quarters. So perhaps my feedback will have a tiny bit of weight.

Xaku's passive is getting closer but evasion is still objectively the worst and I feel like it needs to be ditched 100% I don't like to gamble on my survival in games. That's not fun for me. Maybe it's fun for others. Maybe add an evasion mod for those who enjoy the rng aspect of survival. I don't like it. I like to know my chances of survival dependably and rng survival is too well random to be consistent. Just make it a straight damage reduction please. The lore can work for the same way it does now. Xaku exists partially in the material plane and partially in the void so when struck by any damaging attack they're only hit be 75/25% of the attacks damage the damage that would strike in the material plane.

6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Xata’s Whisper:

  • We are making Void damage ‘True Neutral’ by removing the 50% resistance of Void damage on Cloned Flesh and Fossilized enemies - a long desired request for Void damage.

    • Currently, Void damage is relatively ineffective against Cloned Flesh and Fossilized enemies which greatly limits the use of Xata’s Whisper on Grineer and Infested enemies. In an effort to give it (and Void damage in general) more utility across enemy categories, we are removing this resistance so that it aligns with its neutral effectiveness against the other enemy types. It is important to note that Eidolons, Amalgams, and certain bosses will still maintain this resistance.

This isn't a change to Xata's whisper this is a universal change to void damage. I have two points of feedback. On void damage. Void doing true neutral damage makes it boring and meh at best. Void is supposed to be special isn't it? Xaku using void is supposed to be something strong. In the lore void is this strong powerful force so it shouldn't be true neutral. Imho void should bypass some/all defenses of an enemy. Or change it's status proc to do that. Or even it's proc could be make enemies progressively weaker to void attacks for every stack of the status effect. Currently the void proc is so bad that no status effect would be better than what we have. This void change is an improvement but merely a band aid on a missing limb. It needs a more fundamental rehaul. 

Xata's Whisper needs actual changes. Tell me one reason to use Xata's wisper over helmnith for rhino's roar? Rhino's roar is the exact same damage buff but it also buffs the entire party. There is only one reason I can think to keep Xata's whisper over that and that's flavour. That's not a good enough reason. Now with a different void proc that might make it useful but alternatively I think Xata's whisper needs either a straight buff or needs to apply it's effect to the whole team.


6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Grasp of Lohk:

  • Increasing the speed at which enemies are disarmed so that it occurs earlier in the casting animation. Also increasing the casting animation speed overall. 

    • Currently, the point of when enemies are disarmed once Grasp of Lohk is cast is far too delayed. 

  • Increased Grasp of Lohk’s disarming range from 8m to 15m.

    • Not to be confused with firing range, this increase allows a bigger berth for choosing victims to disarm with Grasp of Lohk. 

  • Allowing Grasp of Lohk to be recast. 

    • How it will work: Any existing Grasp of Lohk weapons will simply be replaced by the new cast up to the maximum amount of targets.

    • Currently, once Grasp of Lohk is cast, you are locked with the weapons that were grabbed until the end of the ability’s duration. This is obviously limiting if the ability was cast with undesired effect. To counteract this limitation, we are adding the option to recast with the added benefit of resetting the ability’s duration and disarming a new set of enemies where/when desired. 

These are promising changes. But please increase the firing range as well. Why is it so impossibly low? Also allow the weapons to stack on recast. Don't lose currently equipped weapons. Allow me to spam up to full. It's my energy cost let me do that. Would help greatly. No reason for the weapons to reset on recast but hey it's better than no recast at all. I'd recommend increase the grasp disarming and firing range be a default of 30. It's still a worse version of Protea's 2 key.


6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Lost: Deny

  • Adding synergy between Deny and Grasp of Lohk that increases Deny’s damage output.

    • How it will work: The number of weapons orbiting Xaku from Grasp of Lohk act as a damage multiplier for Deny’s Void beam. For example: If you have 4 weapons orbiting Xaku, Deny’s damage will be granted a 5x multiplier. 

  • Increasing the casting speed of Deny. 

    • More firepower… faster!

You spent all this on trying to make deny a good/usable ability and I still rarely find it useful. The problem is it's such a narrow beam attack. Tell me why I should cast this ability instead of use my weapons? That should always be a question the devs asks themselves when designing abilities. Why use a damaging ability over a weapon. What does it do. Currently the stun is what it has which is nice but things die so fast that the stun isn't super useful bellow steel path. And again it's such a narrow range that it's frustrating. I'll tell you what change would make me use Deny more and maybe other than my weapons. Reduce the cast time by half of what it is now (reduce damage by half too that's fine) and allow it to be cast while moving. Don't make the the cast animation root you. That's always a frustrating experience on a game where we play highly mobile space ninjas. I'd also appreciate it'd being 2x or 3x wide or at least have range effect it's width not just length. 

Accuse has absolutely no changes so far and the main thing it needs is to be recastable just like Grasp. Abilities not being recastable until the duration up feels bad on ALL warframes and I'd recommend removing that completely from the game but right now we're talking about Xaku. It feels bad to be locked out especially if you got a bad cast. Lohk weapons need to attack mind controlled targets.

Gaze like you've said is very strong. It doesn't need a buff to it's stats as much as it needs a faster cast time. Go on run hydron with a saryn, ember, or any other nuke from and try to get it off at a good/central location where it'll be actually useful. The cast time is much too long for it to be useable at low levels.


6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Vast Untime:

  • Removing the Energy drain and keeping it a duration based ability. 

    • Currently, the Energy drain on top of its casting cost and duration is far too restrictive and punishing. 

  • Adding Synergy between The Vast Untime and all of Xaku’s other abilities. 

    • How it will work: Emphasis on “Untime”, when Xaku is in their skeletal form their other active abilities’ duration will become frozen in time. Once The Vast Untime expires, the duration of those active abilities resume. This was suggested in our feedback readings and we quite enjoyed the play on the ‘untime’ theme and the added benefit to Xaku overall! We feel that since this no longer has an Energy drain, and that it halts the timer on other abilities, the energy demands of Xaku’s kit will be significantly lessened. 

      • Note: This will not apply to Helminth abilities and abilities from other Warframes from Helminth subsuming.

These are some great changes. I love the "untime" effect locking duration that's pretty awesome. I think the untime effect not working on helminth abilities or other warframe abilities is bad game design and heavily discourages the use of helminth on Xaku. Other than that my main suggestion is a visual cosmetic one. Please allow a toggle to turn our attachments on or off for broken(skeleton) form. I quite liked being a spooky skeleton with a cape and you took that away from me. Skeleton Xaku's now look too similiar too each other because lack of customisation options which is very frustrating. 

So far this is pretty good for a phase 1 but phase 2 will 100% be needed. I feel like Xaku went from being in Alpha to now being in Beta. Can't wait for Xaku's full release in the near(ish) future. 

Edited by Velaethia
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Xata’s Whisper: (BUG)

I was playing on an old laptop, hunting eidolons and wanted to try XATA'S WHISPER again and noticed the following, it works when one is going to kill the eidolon (damage appears gray or white, but this damage does not appear in limb.




0 dmg by xata's whisper

Only this bonus appears when the eidolon must be killedKfsEARi.jpg

This damage comes apart from the main damage, it is also correct that it appears in each Synovia (Limb) D:

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We still need: 

-Cooldown for enemy mechs's invulnerability

-A visual hint with the tranq rifle pointing where the animal is 

-A lot of codex changes and fixes

-Something that will really incentivate the player to use the helmith system (buff or rework the abilities)

-Vauban, Protea, Hyldrin and other warframes leverian that was said it was coming soon

-Fix to certain projetiles no being able to hit the enemy and therefor stays orbitating the target.

-Maps meshes being strange, having holes, being bigger/smaller than the texture

-Syandanas acting weird in some cases and warframes (starting the mission with the syandana clipping through the warframe, some syandanas twisting aroung invisible warframe mesh and so)

-Customization for Deimos infested pets

-Actual black-non-invisible energy color

-A massive increase to the rare Necramech mods drop chance (they are not common enough to have less than 10%)

-Client mechs appearing without weapon leaving the player with only their fists and dash to deal damage wich also needs a buff

And lastly but not least:

-A Corn God Uncaged mech skin (displaying only the capsule)

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Tengo la curiosidad si estos nuevos cambios van a mejorar el rendimiendo de PC's con bajos recursos, o si estos van a forzar mas las capacidades del Pc para asi "mejorar" el redimientos



I am curious if these new changes are going to improve the performance of PC's with low resources, or if they are going to force more the capacities of the PC in order to "improve" performance.

Thank you

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So, applause for trying to clean up garbage code. 

Applause for fixing Xaku...though being frank this is just you choosing to release bad and buff rather than releasing slightly over powered and nerfing.  It's not a solution, it's just the opposite problem.

Applause for the mechs now not respawning without health, shields, and armor.  Unfortunately points taken away because the mod situation is still a dumpster fire and the inability to equip all of them even with 9 forma invested is absolutely insane....and you showed off a new one.  Joy.


Now for the other stuff.

All of the sellers in Deimos now sell the skins.  Being frank I haven't checked Loid but son, father, daughter, and Otak all do.  

The fliers spawning is...something I have not seen yet.  I finally got a group of 3 Medjay variants to spawn, and that has been about it.  Not exactly a visible improvement.

The big release of cosmetics is...not something that I was looking for.

Stealth additional requirement of leveling primary kitguns added....or maybe just to the codex.  Not looking forward to that.


Counter to a lot of opinions I don't care about Marked for Death.  I've engaged with the Helminth only to consume frames because this dumpster fire was inevitable.  I don't believe that the released powers are really useful, or they're outclassed by existing things.  We have the ability to heal pets with melee damage, have them heal themselves, Expedited suffering is the embodiment of not having patience, and the ammo consumption is largely a fix for the new content introduced in this update.  I will say running around with the Acceltra is cool....but but given that primary weapons pale in comparison to melee damage it's using a power slot for minimal gains.


So, maybe it's time to take a second crack at some bug fixing rather than simply cleaning up junk code?  I find that every time I see something good it's weeks late...and at this point father and Otak still need economic balancing just to bring them "in-line with son."  I don't like the taste of those words in my mouth.  Son is still a mess.

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DE, you really have to stop watching Youtubers in the Simulacrum. Marked for Death, even working not as intended, could only effectively kill a handful of mobs at a time in an actual mission due to line of sight - a feat already achieved by many warframes without line of sight, without a finisher requirement to do sufficient damage to be useful, and across a much wider range.

Now, the use case for this ability has been reduced to either the desire to 'soften up' mobs that would die to one or two melee swings anyway or:

1) A heavy unit to target

2) Mobs within line of sight to that heavy unit

3) Mobs within line of sight to the heavy unit that are also within 15-20 meters, because:

4) 150 power strength to ensure 75% damage spread to actually kill anything but the initial target limits mod options for increasing range.

The number of times this ability will be useful in an actual mission just got reduced to such a small amount that the frames who were interested in it can get the job done more efficiently doing whatever they were doing before.

Or, you know, just use Khora and murder a screen full of mobs through walls.


Edited by FastEddie01
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instead of nerfing M4D


cant you guys buff radial javelin, spectral scream, effigy ,  ASH and thunderbolt ?


and fix Reflection mod not working at all cause it deend on a system that doesnt exist anymore?



before nerfing everything why dony you take yur time to make all skills scales and make sure they have some use at any lvl of the game?????


plz DE i am sure yu can do it

Edited by Tsoe
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Friendly reminder:

Zymos projectiles from time to time decide to not do damage, resulting in grey 0 damage.

Quassus slicing feathers from it's heavy attack NEEDS to scale with damage mods, if you are going to add some nice gimmick to a weapon, let us enjoy it, not just leave it as some sort of "collateral damage"

Look link on necramech and k-drives is bugged beyond existence, if not, try yourselves to link your wonderful necraamech fashion and tell me what u see

Still no revision at railjack resources needed for helminth? Still you ask for quite a bunch for how little railjack content you gave us


Also, ty for fixing the bug "im fishing and now i can't do anything because game does not want me to play it" it was really annoying, my gf and another clan-mate had the same problem but we didn't find a way to replicate it consistently.

Nice mini-rework on Xaku's abilities, still not enough to make it worth while but sure it will be more enjoyable to use


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I've just checked the View Profile menu and found that in the Equipment section that the progress on my Kitguns has either reset or the progress signifier for them being max ranked isn't working - showing them as greyed out. I believe its more like to be the second case as I still have the total MR affinity count from before the update and having completed them long ago, even having 2 of them in my inventory. Obviously something in this update has caused this that can be fixed quickly.

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hace 3 minutos, wallysonbf dijo:

what is that? sorry i didn't understood, you say about prime versions for these frames? or reworks?

The leverian is a museum where you hear a story of that frame, where you get the prex cards, you see the warframe distinctive equipment and things like that but the most important part is the story. You can access it on the codex in the "LEVERIAN" tab.

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