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Heart of Deimos: Update 29.1.0

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1 minute ago, TeaHawk said:

I don't understand, Eidolons have currently 100% resistance to this ability damage?


Amps also do void damage, same with paracesis iirc. So those changes not made to eidolons were for weapons other than xaku's abilities that have void damage.

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3 minutes ago, Autumnatopoeia said:

Why? Why do this?

This is how they SHOULD interact based on their mechanics. Making arbitrary exceptions for cool synergies players find is terrible for the game and terrible for the community.

Should it though? Only one instance of a finisher attack. The rest are damage from an ability.

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I was hoping for further improvements to Conservation, such as some means of actually finding whatever animal the Tranq Rifle is detecting. I was also hoping for fixes to animal trails not respawning until a map load, or how the Rare and Common Velocipods seem to be swapped around.

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il y a 17 minutes, [DE]Megan a dit :


Rusty but trusty. This skin revives the glory of the legendary Old War Necramech, Snake.

*Find both the Snake Necramech Sigil and the Snake Voidrig Skin with the Necraloid Syndicate for Platinum in the Necralisk!


il y a 18 minutes, [DE]Megan a dit :


Transform your K-Drive into a Velocipod! You can choose Purple, Green, and White Velocipod variants - you can color customize the bodies to suit your liking of course, the difference between them being their unique eye designs!


*Find the Velocipod K-Drive Skins from Son’s Offerings for Standing in the Necralisk!

Why just not making snake cosmetics a standing offerings like the k-drive skin ? is that too expansive to ask for ?

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all these changes to marked for death and none of them mentions that it never affected enemies that are a bit up from your position or a bit down from your position and random geometry blocking the skill, anyways the thing is more than death now so there is no point on fixing that

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39 minutes ago, Hallowieners said:

Mark of death was already super conditional. Now you need:

Tanky enemy

Said enemy has to be in middle of the group

Enemy cannot be attacked by any other attack until mark damage procs.

It's really clunky to use now, and definitely not worth it with damage being capped to marked enemy health.


Totally agree with this. I think DE noticed that this ability has been used to combine with finisher damage (usually a lethal teleport Ash) and the damage bumps up very very high (like 8 mil or so), tho the so called "nuking effect" is not that big actually. It cannot go through walls, terrains can block it, explosion range is not big even with 280% range... removing critical chance is...well..fine I think, but the damage cap is just...why?

EDIT: just re-log in and test for the ability with 8 100lv heavygunner, its trash now, can only reduce 75% of remaining health maximum. What a joke.

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returning test result of nerfed Mark of death
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